Sunday, September 20, 2009

Are you ready for a meet'n'greet?

Can you believe it? The Angels are 8 weeks old already!! This video is a bit noisy as yesterday's visit really had a bevy of Angel fans present: Hannah, Monica, Mehgan (Hannah's BF), Sonia & Monica's mom as well as 'tute folk Sonia, Melissa, Flory and yours truly. Hannah says this is the first time she's seen an extended sibling bath!

OK gang, the Angels are old enough to interview prospective furever parents! We'll be lining up the V-E-T stuff soon (don't tell them!) so if you'd like to arrange a meet'n'greet, send us an e-mail.

And don't forget our handsome Mr. Percy... he's the quiet one, you know... very suitable for someone who wants a laid back love... he will snuggle his way into your heart!


  1. That was truly and "Awwwww" moment. Sigh. I love it when kitties groom each other.

    Dear Percy, I hope you find your forever home soon!

  2. And how about the adorable Miss Peggy Sue? Maybe she'll find a home together with Percy? And *when* is Miss Aggie moving to her new home?

    I was very happy to find out in Monica's blog that two of the angels apparently have a home waiting already - and that Abigail doesn't have to move anywhere! Although if you always keep the mommy cats, you'll soon reach the Crazy Cat Lady status. ;-)

  3. *KABOOM* My head just exploded (again) from the cuteness. I don't know how many heads I've gone through at this stage!

    I have also never seen such an extended sibling bath. My boy cat adores his "big sister" kitty, and he tries to bathe her from time to time. She tolerates one or two licks, and then swats him and runs away. *sigh*

    Thank you also for the update on George and Ginny. Glad to see they are fulfilling their kitten duties by keeping their human staff on their toes! *grin*

  4. Oh they are so cute with the bathing! I can't believe Percy hasn't found a home yet though - he is such a handsome boy! I wish we were out that way - I know I would snap him up (well, I am sure the cats I have are glad we are too far - they may not want a 6th cat in the house). He is so cute I amsure he will find a place soon!

  5. Wow! Talk about getting spit-shined :-) That little boy is so sweet and patient, and I just love how thorough his sister is...didn't miss even one tiny spot :-)

    Can't believe our sweet Percy is still waiting for his forever home...fingers crossed, someone wonderful will show up and love this sweet little boy and give him a lovely home.

  6. We had a ball on Saturday with the kittens as you can probably hear all of us in the background! I could watch them for hours. They are ALL just so sweet!

    Percy is so handsome! I love his color and his personality! He will make someone a fine kitty! Hugs, sonia

  7. It sure was a party at my house and the kittens were the entertainment! I was soo happy to see Lisa again and Melissa and to meet Flory (who has a special gift with pets by the way). What a fun day! The kittens supplied no end to the giggles and smiles. :)

    I wanted to add I am purraying for Percy to find a very special home. He is such a beautiful precious guy.


  8. Mari,

    It's okay if I am dubbed Crazy Cat lady...I have good company :)


  9. Thanks, everybody! I am going to need to feature Percy very soon! I really expected he'd be snapped up, but I think his laid back manner let his siblings take center stage.

    Then again, a friend of mine says I haven't pushed him hard enough and speculates I subconciously want him for my own! I must admit I'll miss his tummy cuddles at night.

    Miss Agnes is supposed to go to her forever home in October, Mari. Date isn't certain because the mom is putting up her sister's boyfriend's cat until he finds new digs and her apartment is small.

    Peggy Sue will be featured prominently as soon as her boys are gone. I'll need to wait a couple of weeks and then comes her spay...


  10. Percy is VERY handsome, says my mum. Of course he is, he has a great name! (actually he looks very much like the kitty that mum had when she was a girl.) :)



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