Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Louisiana Sophie needs a home

Hie on over to Alasandra's blog and check out the post Alasandra, The Cats & A Dog: Sophie needs a home.

Sophie is a Louisiana kitteh, and I know we've got some readers from that neck of the woods, so please spread the word in your home state, if you can! She's in the same predicament as our own dear Ashton and Colston!


  1. Oh my poor sweetheart...here's hoping and "purraying" that you find a wonderful new forever home.

  2. I Love it when our little loves curl their legs/paws under their hearts. She looks like a sweetie! Hoping she finds her new furever home soon with love and adoration.

  3. Oh sweetie...purrs to you, and good vibes for a new forever home.

    Ditto Blatchley above - my cats do the same thing. They sit on the floor with all 4 paws and legs curled under them. We call that "Hovercat Mode" in our house, because it really looks like they are just hovering there.

    Pssst, Lisa - I mailed the Blankie yesterday afternoon! Am all a-twitter to see what the Space Paws think! Hope it arrives OK.

  4. The best of luck and best wishes in finding little Sophie a new loving home. She looks like a sweetie pie! To answer your question you posted on my blog: I would be honored if you borrowed the picture of my big beautiful blue-eyed Banjo! He is a most handsome boy I think! (Of course - I may be bias!!)

  5. We're trying to help sweet Sophie too, we Twittered and posted to all of our Facebook friends and they are passing it on too. Let's keep trying.

    ps - Tiger is out in rough weather but has good hiding spots!

  6. What a sweetheart she is! we really hopes she finds her furrver home ASAP!!!

  7. Oh it is so sad - I wish we knew someone down there who we could have help her out. We just don't know enough people!



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