Wednesday, August 12, 2009

So, you want to know how the meet'n'greet went, do ya?

Do ya???? Can you handle the truth????

Actually, the four of us agree it went quite well, thank you!

First off, a couple of nice ladies made sure Mommy didn't get worried. They stayed with her the whole time! This was nice 'cause she can be a little over protective, you know... we couldn't have done any fun stuff if it wasn't for them!

They gave her lots of pets.

And lots of people came over to see Mom, which kept her busy!

So thank you, nice ladies and visitors!

As soon as we got there, a bunch of people came out of the building. Some of them made the screetchy sound humans do when they see us. Different people kept coming out while we were there. We were only supposed to be there for an hour, but people kept coming and we stayed almost twice that long.

Somebody took each one of us while other people stood around waiting their turn. Between the necks and the laps it was a real smorgasbord of smells for us, let me tell you... and we thoroughly snuffed up everybody!

Some people were all lovey with us. (We like that!)

Some folks had nice long talks with us. (We like that, too!)

And a few let us play! ('Nuf said!)

It was very interesting... we'd never seen a human before with fur on it's face, just like us!

The furry humans were nice, too!

And when we got tired, they let us sleep!

Well, our human is tired, too, so that's all for today. She'll show you more of what happened tomorrow, so come on back!



  1. Great debut, Guys & Gals! Your Mother & Foster Mom obviously taught you excellent social skills. Good manners will get you a long way in life.

  2. Okay, I have officially melted into a puddle...I'm so glad that the 'tute folk got to see and cuddle and play with the Maples, and so happy that we got the play-by-play through Fred's most excellent report and his assistant's (Lisa) great photos! What a wonderful bunch of people and so glad that our little sweethearts were so well-behaved and charming :) Great job kitties!

  3. How fun! The Maples look so cute out in the world. I hope there were some love at first sight moments.

  4. Thanks for letting me be a perch! Those are great pictures & kitties!

  5. Wow, that's cool! I would have worried the entire time that some brave cat or kitten would have made a run for a look at the grass beyond the patio...

    (my key word was 'scrimati' - doesn't that sound like the Fortunatos picked the key word?)

  6. Great photos and a great service to your co-workers!

    Here's hoping that every single one will be adopted to loving homes!

  7. LOL..I did my bit and put the picture of the poster on my blog since I still know people in the area.

    Love to ALL

  8. Aww! Fred, just so you know, I've been making those screetchy sounds ever since I clapped eyes on you guys and your mommy :-) Lisa, thank you for sharing; what a wonderful thing you are doing for the 'Tute and for these kitties!

    PS Glad you liked my KW posts...I'm homesick just writing them *grin* To answer your question - yep, most KW restaurants boast some lovely views, either of the water or of the nifty architecture and lush plant life in the area. But in my opinion, Louie's has one of the best views on the island, so that's why I highlighted it in particular.

  9. We had an AWESOME day at work yesterday with Peggy Sue, Fred, George, Percy and Little Ginny! We are so blessed to work with such wonderful people! I wish Hannah and Monica could of been with us! They would just love to hold the little critters too! They are just so sweet! Peggy Sue is such a good girl too! It's hard for me to find words to express her kind nature and gentleness. I have a good feeling we are going to find the most loving homes!

  10. Oh! Oh! Oh! It's such a good thing I live nowhere near there and only get to revel in the photos and not the real, live kittens. Best of luck to the Maples family in finding their forever homes!

    (BTW - 1st time posting, but I've been reading for a while. I'm Sundown's wife and mama to the late, great Ziggy.)

  11. goodness they are so cute! and so BIG!!

  12. Oh Fred thanks for letting us know how it went! I have to say that looks like it was a lot of fun for you - tons of attention everywhere you looked! I bet you will all find wonderful forever homes after that - it looks like you all put the charm on!

  13. I concur with KittyChair Designs. ( ::waves to SIL:: ) If I lived anywhere near these cuties, our household would soon have at least one and probably multiple new members. Sigh. They are all SO adorable, mama Peggy Sue included... here's hoping that the perfect people to give them all forever homes are on their way!

  14. I would be there too! I love ginger kitties and so does my dad. The kittens look great and very sociable. Great job!

  15. Thanks for checking in everyone! I know I don't often say it, but the support means a lot to everyone here at Space Paws... it's not just me!

    Auntie, thank you for the post! Caroline, we learned at the last "meet'n'greet" that the kittens didn't seem interested in trying to make a break for it... plus folks are very, very careful (and that did sound like a "Fortunato"). KCD, good to have you with us and Sara, glad to be of assistance! ;-)

  16. Aww they are so adorable! Send some extra pets to each of them for me. :)
    PS: The Julia Child comment made me smile. I had forgotten about that until you mentioned it! It made an appearance in "Julie & Julia" as well. I have to be able to laugh at myself and learn from my mistakes right? :)



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