Thursday, August 13, 2009

An Overdue Thank You to Our Gentle Readers! And to the Insitute Staff Who have Worked With and Supported Us!

Just a quick post to let you know how much our readers' and colleagues' support has meant to us! Space Paws isn't just me, by the way - there are a whole lot of folks who have worked to help abandoned animals at the 'tute!

Sonia & I started the blog primarily as an easy way to keep in touch with 'tute staff when we fostered Miss Aggie. We hoped the blog would make it easier for any 'tute staff member, who was trying to help an animal, spread the word in Baltimore. We're the new kid on the adoption blog block and, thanks to mentions by other blogs, we've met friends from around the country and around the world! (IBKC & PPoBC, at first, and MANY other blogs have linked to us since... thank you ALL!)

There's a whole TEAM thing goin' on here at Space Paws... I'm just the one who has been writing the blog right now and has a "public" face! Sonia, Monica & Hannah you know from recent posts, and support has come from many, many folks at the 'tute! To name just a couple more (and if I named everyone, this would be a forever post!), Danny & Ann came up with graphics for us; Melissa keeps Sonia and me in line; Cecilia found a home for Leopoldo; Sheryl tried to capture a feral mom and her kittens, even though they proved elusive; and now Joy & Jess are trying to capture a feral female, who may be pregnant already; in the pre-blog days, Amy P. fostered Sooty and without the help of Margie, Alisa, Cheryl and others, Bitty's Brood would never have been fostered!

So many people at the 'tute have offered their support in different ways. So, as you can see, there are LOTS of folks associated with Space Paws, who don't have a public face, but are trying to make their corner of the universe just a little better!

Hugs to you all, our friends!


  1. Well, thank you all. Each animal you help will live an entire lifetime in safety and love because of what you do. I am grateful for all of you.

  2. The burgeoning popularity of this blog is directly due to the high quality work you and the team have done, so kudos - and hugs - to all!

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  4. I couldn't spell check..drat it.

    I linked over here from IBKC.

    I am so glad that I did.

    This is just another case in point of the power of blogging pet parents who want to make a real life difference in our world.

    Thank you from :

    Munchkin, Loki, Boschka, Xena, Andy, Gracie Marie and it appears Tuxie...who were all either adopted or rescued ferals.

    Blessed Be .

  5. That is so wonderful of you to thank everyone and also let all of us out here in blogland know about all the wonderful people who help out! Thanks to all of them from us - even though we are far away (we are in the Chicago area) we appreciate everything you do to help out these kitties! And of course the updates and pictures help get us through some tough days too - it is nice to always have a cute kitten to look at if you have a bad day!

  6. Rats!! I just wrote a long-winded comment and it disappeared *sigh* I hope this isn't a repeat. Anyway - I just wanted to thank YOU, Lisa and everyone on the Space Paws team. I have linked to you and hope that more readers will find you through my blog, and through the lovely comments you leave for me!

    This is a wonderful blog that I look forward to visiting every day. Thank you for showcasing the wonderful work you do, and for proving (again) that one person can't help all animals; however, one person can change the world for one animal, or in this case, an adorable bunch of animals ;-)

  7. You guys are all just amazingly awesome! Bless your hearts, one and all, for everything that you do for these lovely little creatures. I really wish there were more people in the world like you...the world would be a much nicer place :)

    My kitties send purrs full of love to the entire Space Paws Team, and all their supporters :)

  8. What an AMAZING group of people! All of you, our STScI supporters, our readers, our families, our critters and especially LISA who is making this work and be such a wonderful thing!

    I loved what Margaret said about one person not being a being able to help all the animals but one person can save the life of some and make a HUGE difference! Beautiful!

    It's so great to be associated with all of you. Thank each and everyone of you guys!



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