Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Slow Introductions Today... Tomorrow - the 'tute Meet & Greet

The introduction of the Maples to the General Population is proceeding slowly. When they came back from the vet yesterday, I released them in the guest bedroom (the bedroom/den "suite" has access to the basement and can be shut off from the main living area). They snuffed around a little but went downstairs pretty quickly.

Last night they saw Winnie and Miss Aggie at the top of the stairs. I didn't even realize Aggie had gotten into the "suite." I wasn't too worried because Winnie is very mellow and Aggie and the Maples have been able to sniff at each other under the basement door for some time. Aggie went down to the basement and was OK until Peggy Sue came really close. Some mild hissing ensued from Aggie. Peggy Sue didn't seem put off by Aggie's hisses and didn't really react. Then Aggie ran back up, which scared off Winnie.

(Winnie is my very laid back 15 year old. She was Tisha's mom... yep, I kept the kittens that time! Anyway, I thought Win was probably the best candidate for initial introductions.)

This morning I opened the door to the basement (and shut the doors to the living room) so the Maples could come up at their leisure. For a few hours this morning, Winnie was in the suite, but I thought better of that, too. It's probably better if the Maples explore the new territory without another cat present. Peggy Sue finally came up about an hour ago - she is winding around my ankles as I type. I figure if they get to explore on their own terms, in their own time, it should go a little smoother. There's no rush.

After the babies have come up and gotten comfortable, I'll let Winnie stay in a crate in "the suite," so the only they only need acclimate to her, first. I've never had a bunch of cats to introduce to a bunch of cats before, so this is new territory.

This arrangement, unfortunately, cuts down on the air circulation in the house. There's no central a/c, only a window unit in the bedroom, and I've stayed in the den, catching up on piles of paperwork, much of the day. Oh, well, the darlings are worth a little sweat! Leave it to me to take the hottest week of the year off, knowing I don't have a/c!! LOL!

Since I'm on vacation, I kinda kicked back today, so no new photos of the little ones. Tomorrow we head off to the Institute to introduce the critters and, hopefully, generate some adoption interest. There should be plenty of pics to choose from after that. Here's the sign we posted:

Posters are going up at church and around town this week and cards will be delivered to vets. Keep your fingers crossed!

OMG! The kittens just came in... right now, as I'm typing this! All four of them!! (Is this great timing, or what??) They're walking on little tip toes, sniffing everything in sight. Very quietly and delicately and kind of moving as a herd. Dang, my camera and cell are upstairs and I don't want to make too much noise! I'll try to sneak out after they get a little more acclimated and snag some pics tonight! I'm gonna go check out the progress... they just moved into the other room. Until tomorrow...



  1. Awww, I hope Peggy Sue gets a good home. She seems like such a sweetie.

  2. Awww - the Maples are growing up! Unbelievable. And what a fabulous poster! Can I come to work with you? ;-) Good luck with the A/C; I hear that it's supposed to get a bit cooler today, maybe even with some rain.

  3. This is great...the poster is so cool. Let's all send positive thoughts for them.

  4. Oh goodness, the Maples are going to be such little celebrities over at your 'tude :) Can't wait to see pictures and hear about their "meet 'n greet" adventures :)

    By the way, I just loved reading about their adventures 'sploring the great wide expanse known as the "upstairs"! I especially loved the description of them "walking on little tip toes"...I can just imagine the scene...must have been adorably cute!

  5. Oh that is great that the intro to the world is going so well. I am so jealous of everyone out there who will get to meet them! Even with 5 I still think to myself "well, one more won't hurt" when I see any kittens! But I would feel guilty separating them - maybe they will get lucky and find someone who will take them in groups!



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