Monday, August 10, 2009

The Maples First Vet Visit

Bad blogger... bad, bad blogger! Who forgot to take the camera to the kitten's first vet visit? You got it! Whew, I thought, I've got the cell phone. Whose iPhone gave her the low battery message as soon as she turned it on?? You got it! But all's well that ends well and we got a slew (and I do mean a slew) of shots for you.

The kittens and Peggy Sue were very, very good for their first time to the vet. There was a fair amount of singing in the car on the way up, though.... and, it's hot here today (94 and very muggy), so the poor kittehs were pretty miserable for the trip.

Here we are in the waiting room... carrier to carrier so Momma Peggy Sue could be sure her kittens were fine. Gotta love the carriers that open from the top. At least Mom could get some good pets while we waited.

Jenn weighs in the babies... here's Ginny, with her brothers looking on.

Momma got her weigh in and decided to go exploring, oblivious to the fact that she was about to be whisked away for her FELV/FIV test.

"They took Mommy!!!"
"No!!! Lemmme see, lemmee see!"

Fred is up first with Doc Andrew. Ears, teeth, lungs, heart, a good feel all over and, last but not least...

"Hey, Dude! Watch it! I'm really a boy - you can take her word for it!"

Ginny shows her smile to the Doc.

"Yes, I'm a girl. Fred told you you could trust the big stinky one, didn't he???"

"Enough already! I'm a girl, I'm a girl!"

Fred's heart rate - 'bout a zillion beats a minute - perfectly normal.

"Dang, this guy is obsessed! She told you I was a boy! She was right on the other two, wasn't she???"

"You're next, Percy. Watch out, bro. They poke and prod you everywhere! Eh-ver-ee-where!"

Percy lays the charm on Jenn in hopes of avoiding the...errrrahhh, more embarrassing portions of the exam.

"Ok, so far so good. He hasn't done anything but look at my teeth 'n' ears."

Little does Percy suspect, these are the pets before the indignity!

With the kitten's exams over, round two begins.
"What does he want NOW???? Ohhhh...ouch!!!"

"Nooooo... I saw what you did to my brother...get that thing away from.... Owwwww!"

No one is spared, not even the women folk.

And now it's Mom's turn.

"Go ahead Doc, do what you need to do. You've taken my blood... how much worse can it be!"

"Hmmmm...I'm rather enjoying your examination technique. I'm not sure what the children were complaining about."

Peggy Sue stoically endures the first shot.

Shot two and it's finally over!!!!

Yeah, the results came back negative on FELV/FIV! Everyone was pronounced healthy... even if they were not all particularly happy, at the moment!

The ride back home was very quiet and, moments after getting back... everyone was sacked out or relaxing on the old cat tree.

[Some time ago someone commented that the ancient cat tree looked pretty good to them... now you can see why it has been consigned to the basement! ;-) ]


  1. Your blog is the next best thing after having a kitten of one's own!
    Now I finally how you get the kittens to the vet (stuff them all together into a biggish carrier) and what happens at the vet.

    And it is wonderful to know the virus test came back negative and the Maples are in prime shape! It looks like they behave reasonably well at the vet's, too. And charmed a few people in the process?

  2. Thank god all are healthy! You have taken such great care of them Lisa! They look beautiful. I know that trip was a trip in a half getting them allready, lugging them to the car on one of the hottest days of the year. Lugging them into the vet and back home. Not only were the kitties exhausted, I bet you needed a much deserved big long break too! Thank you so much! I loved the pictures and the Doc too! Shoooooo..... Glad that is done! I saw the posters. They look great too!

  3. oh, and by the way, i read your e-mail you forwarded from Joy yesterday, sorry I didn't respond immediately, think i was interrupted. I do have a heart trap i can let you guys borrow. I will get it back from the person I lent it out to by the end of week.

  4. Haha! Wonderful post, Lisa! I loved the "kitty quotes". Top-loading carriers are the best, aren't they? That's the only way I can get my beasties (11 and 18-pound Maine Coon-mixes) into their carriers.

    And yep, your vet visit just had to coincide with a heat wave, didn't it? My Freddie (the 18-pounder) has a disconcerting habit of panting in the car, despite the AC being on and my draping some light fabric over the sun-exposed parts of his carrier. It always scares me, but I think it's a stress response vs. overheating.

    So glad to hear all the kitties, and Momma, got clean bills of health! I'm sure they were greatly affronted at the tremendous indignities that were visited upon them, but it's what good kitty parents have to do :-)

  5. Bringing one kitty to the vet's is hard enough work, I can't imagine five, including 4 active kittens! It must be a relief that it's over and that everyone is healthy.

  6. What a good job of fostering you are doing. It drives me crazy to take my two adult cats to the vet -- I can only imagine what 5 were like!

    Keep up the excellent work and wonderful blogging!

  7. Lisa,
    I have to tell you I was having this really not so good day and I read the vet visit post and I am telling you I am still laughing. This absolutely made my day. I am especially happy all of the clan is healthy!!!! I just love, love, love you so much Lisa for all you do. You are a complete angel. :)


  8. Excellent! Glad to see momma and the brood are healthy and happy! Happy they are back home, that is. :-)

    Keep up the good work!

  9. You are just too funny! I'm still laughing at the conversations that the kittens had at the vet...we all know the indignity of being poked and prodded, but they seem to have been wonderful little troopers :) My Bino has requested that I pass along a message to the kitties, he says "Bite the vet the next time he tries to poke you...if you can muster a little squeaky hiss too, it would be all the better!"

    So glad the babies and Momma are healthy and doing so's all the love and the care that they receive from you :)

  10. Love this post! The kitten comments are great. 9 and Chani send their sympathies. Glad to hear everyone is healthy :)

  11. Such good Babies and Momma Peggy Sue . I almost had to put on Kelvar when we had to take Xena to the " spa" for the blood panel last month . She gets so agitated ( she get's that from me..LOL) that she actually rocked the carried when she was in it...from side to side.

    Yeah for good Labs !!!!!!

    Hugs and Headbutts

  12. Great post and great news, too. The Maples are as healthy as they are cute!

  13. Oh, gosh, thank you everybody! For the good wishes for the dweebs and I'm glad you liked the post! I got the idea for the kitten conversations from Hyacinth's posts on her blog. (I will pass along Bino's suggestion, Hyacinth, but I'm not sure Doc A will approve!)

    It was a fun visit, actually! Doc Andrew, and everyone there, are the best... great sense of fun in that office. The mood really carried over when I was doing the post.

    We did have panting on the way home and I agree with Margaret, it seems more stress than heat related... the car had been in the shade at the vets, A/C was blasting, and they were on the shady side of the car. Poor babies!

    Aunty, I can relate. I've got one like Xena. When Annie (as in "Little Orphan") was small, she actually tipped over the carrier while it sat on the front seat floor of the car! She's why I have a carrier that opens from the top - she's an expert at getting her paws out to resist front loading. Even top loading can be challenging. And I never, EVER open the top to pet her while in the vets' waiting room, as I do with the others. *sigh* Wish I had kitty valium for her vet visits!

    The kittens actually seem to like all being together in a carrier. Bitty had 7 kittens and 5 went in the really big carrier (it's a SkyKennel) and 2 rode in the fairly big carrier (the one in these pics) with her. If I'd been thinking, Peggy Sue and all the kittens would have fit comfortably in the really big carrier... but it is in the attic... LOL!

    Well, back to seeing what the dweebs are up to now... they're still in the spare bedroom exploring the new territory!

  14. Oh I am a bit late but that was so cute to see them all at the vet - the pictures are great. I know how tough it is to take 3 to the vet so 5 must have been quite a challenge - at least they are tiny!



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