Sunday, August 9, 2009

A Quick Video of Each Little Maple

Here you go... more shaky camera work... more blinking red lights... more uncooperative kittens... more annoying baby talk! LOL! Just a couple of minutes with each one so you can see how much they've grown. Tomorrow they'll go to the vet for their first shots and the Doc says at that point they can meet the General Population! Should be an exciting day!

And don't miss the post below this, from Monica, on Abigail's Angels!


  1. Oh...such preciousness, and so badly needed on this Monday morning! Thanks as always for sharing your wee ones with us, Lisa!

  2. Oh the sweetness is killing me! The perfect way to start a Monday morning.

  3. I loved all the videos...and I agree with Nichole, what a perfect way to start a Monday morning! All four Maples are just so sweet and lovable...if only I could get my husband to agree that 8 cats would NOT make us the "crazy cat couple", I would scoop all 4 plus their mama up!

  4. Heh! I don't know what was cutest- Fred's purring, Fred being scared by you moving the camera, or George playing with the triangle.

    I'm voting for George.

  5. Aw... George was doing so well catching the jingly ball! Your basement looked just like my living room did when I had a crawling baby... toys everywhere that she could just crawl among...

  6. Aww, so nice to see that everybody is continuing happy and healthy... even if Miss Ginny is a little smaller than her brothers. Her little meow is so sweet, and George has obviously decided that jingly balls are Evil and Must Be Destroyed. LOL And my gosh, what a motor that Fred has--I'd swear that 30 seconds of hearing him purr lowered my blood pressure by about 10 points!

    Wonderful vids as always, even with slightly uncooperative subjects. :-)



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