Sunday, August 9, 2009

Quick Update on the Angels

From Monica's Blog:

I am repeating some of this from my comments to Lisa but just in case others don't read the is a quick update on Abigail's Angels.

They are growing and really getting active and we knew the "box in the corner" was not going to contain these little ones for much longer. Just so happens, I happened upon a sidewalk sale at a pet store on Friday and they were selling a "cat house/crate" type thing that is tall and has several levels. I purchased it and have moved the family in till they get old enough to roam their room. Abigail did not seem pleased at first and did not want to go into the new "home" but we are able to keep the doors open and have put the "box" into the new home till she felt comfortable enough and till we know they can't escape. They seem so tiny to be so curious but as soon as their eyes opened they obviously decided "there is a big world out there" and they are determined to see it.

When Lisa came to visit we talked about the difference in sizes of the kittens. Four of them seem to be about the same size and then we have our "little runt" and our "big girl". Little "runt" is quite a bit smaller and seems to be our noisy one and "big girl" is significantly bigger and is really quiet and less active than the others. What is curious is that the two of them seem to have teamed up so to speak. They always cuddle together and seek each other out when they aren't nursing. When it comes to nursing it's every one for them selves and seems to be to a constant struggle and tug of war until they each settle in and eventually fall asleep. Well, I just realised this was suppose to be a "quick" update and I just keep on going so I will end for now but rest assured there is no end to the cuteness and smiles when we are with our Angels.


  1. Monica, thank you so much for the update on the sweet little Angels...they just seem like such little sweethearts and I'm so glad that they have you and Hannah and the rest of the awesome Space Paws team to take care of them and love them :) The thought of the little runt and the big girl teaming up just melted my adorable it must be to see them in person...I know I wouldn't get anything done, I'd just sit and stare at them all day long :) Hugs to you, Hannah, Miss Abigail and all the little angels :)

  2. So's hard to get anything done. It never gets boring watching these little ones. I have to tear myself away. Hannah and I will say.."we should let them sleep"...then we stare at them sleeping...



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