Thursday, August 13, 2009

Meet'n'Greet - Part II

I'm taking over the reporting... those boys don't know anything!

This meet'n'greet was all about FASHION!

What's the hottest trend in accessories? I'll show you...

Appropriate for both men and women, kitten is the hottest accessory on the cat walk these days. Note the elegant, tail around the neck look this gentleman is sporting!

The classic over-the-shoulder look has several lovely variations.

You can use color to coordinate with your own,

... or use it to contrast nicely with our outfit.

Note the enhanced visual appeal from the rear for any ensemble you may accessorize.

Kittens can provide a dramatic veiling effect.

Or merely a hint of mystery in a lower position.

Add a smile for a whole new look!

Place kittens next to any feature you wish to accentuate.

Prominent display, mid-body, is always an eye catching look...

...and works equally as well with light or dark fabrics.

No matter how you choose to use them, kittens work fashion magic all season long!

I hope this gives you a better perspective on the meet'n'greet.

Lord, my job here is done, please grant my brothers a bit more sense than they've shown so far!


PS- Don't miss the previous post. My brothers and I would like to add our thanks to the gentle readers and staff of STScI who have supported Space Paws.


  1. Thanks for your kind words ~ and the vote! I've been popping over to your blog for awhile and it always brings me such joy watching all those kitties. Nothing like pictures of cats and kittens to brighten your day! Keep up all the great work you do. Catherine

  2. Ginny, you are a natural as a model AND a fashion correspondent!! Such tremendous talent in such a young lady. I have always known that no outfit is complete without some cat hair; however, now I see that a truly complete outfit also includes a kitten. Put me down for 5, please (I wish) :-)

  3. Well done Ginny - I recommend to your attention, also, the suitability of cats and kittens to interior decorating. I find that when each room in my house contains a cat, attractively displayed wherever the cat darn chooses to be displayed, the entire house looks better.

  4. I must have missed something...I thought the Meet and Greet was only for STSci employees or Hannah and I would have definitely been there! I wish I would have known.....


  5. You guys are always welcome to visit here at Space Telescope! Maybe we can ride down to Lisa's home one day to meet all of them before they find their forever homes!

    Lisa, you are so funny! This was a great way to show them off. I just loved how you put it all together. It really was an AWESOME visit!

    Also, can't wait for everyone to meet Ms. Abagail's Angels and my sister and niece (if you haven't already)! That will be towards the end of September. Hopefully, it won't be as hot as it was this past Wednesday.

  6. Ginny that was some great reporting! That looks like a great place to visit - I wish I lived in that area - I mean really what could a girl want - cool space telescope, adorable kittens - that place has it all.

    And Ginny, I totally agree that kittens are a great accessory - and when I can't have one with me I am always sure to at least have some fur on me (really, I feel naked if I don't at least have a few cat hairs).

  7. Ginny needs her own fashion blog: "Tails from the Catwalk".

  8. Ginny, I would take your fashion advice any time! Wonderful wonderful wonderful repurrrting :)

  9. Miss Ginny,

    Tim Gunn couldn't have don't it any better.

    " Dahling...You are a STAR"..

    Hugs from Houston

  10. Ginny, I see a great career in your future as the new editor of out Anna Wintour, here comes our lovely and most talented Miss Ginny! Loved the fashion commentary and lucky, lucky 'tute folk that got to meet the fabulous Maples!

  11. These last two posts are so stinkin' cute I can hardly stand it. What a sweet lot of people you work with! Were there any takers??

  12. Yes, folks, there was interest in the Maples. Due to multiple vacation plans, we'll be following up the week of 8/24. Just in case, posters are going up at church & vets and cards are being handed out in the local area.

  13. Oh, and 'tute folks will have first dibs, of course, if there is interest from the posters!



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