Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Our Little Vampires!

It had been quite a while since I'd seen the kittens nursing. I knew they weren't doing it very often, because Peggy Sue's teats were much less swollen and the fur has grown back in around most of them. Winnie had nursed her kittens, occasionally, until they were about 5 months old, so I haven't been surprised Peggy Sue's kids haven't quit the habit entirely.

A couple of days ago I walked into the back bedroom. One kitten was nursing and the other three were poised, as if they couldn't wait to go next. When they heard me, their little heads shot up. They looked for all the world like a still from a bad B-movie! A little pack of vampires, startled while feeding!

Last night I got up from the computer and three of them were at it! Fortunately, the camera was close at hand. Unfortunately, the lighting wasn't the best so these are a little dark and grainy. A much less sinister pose! LOL! Fred is missing, but then Fred is always missing from the food bowl... I swear, I never see that kitten eat. But eat he must, because he's keeping up with his siblings, weight wise!

Speaking of eating... shoot on over to Monica's blog. She's got an update on Abigail's Angels, who are starting on solid food, and she promises more pics soon!


  1. Oh, tiny little orange vampires...how adorable! Love the scene from the bad B-movie :-) I can just see their startled little faces...oops...the woman found us...run or eat?

  2. OK, my computer ate my comment so I'm trying again - anyway, how adorable! I love those little tiny kitten teeth - they DO look just like itty bitty vampires! Nom Nom Nom, little ones!

  3. Oh they are so cute - and so big! I can't believe they are still nursing, but then again, they are lucky to have access to their mom. I suppose that our would have kept it up if they could.



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