Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Ginny & George & a Peacock Feather

Here's a bit of Ginny and George cavorting with a peacock feather and the circly-ball thingy. We are so lucky Sonia can provide us with the world's best cat toy (outside of an empty paper bag, of course). It's a toy that allows the kittens to play with each other, when the human hasn't taken it over. One kitten will pounce on one end which, of course, moves the other end, prompting a pounce by a sibling... and so on, and so on! Look for a little cameo in the video from our grand old lady, Winifred...

Yes, Winnie supervised the entire play session. The kittens are more comfortable with the Permanent Residents being in close proximity for long periods of time now. Still no lovin' up (Bitty and Winnie look interested), but some of the distance may be due to Momma Peggy Sue. She keeps an eagle eye on her offspring and I suspect the other adults are wary of coming too close.

The kittens totally cracked me up the day of introduction. There was hissing from Annie and Aggie. The kittens were unfazed - they kept on doing whatever they were doing. Peggy Sue, on the other hand, met the hisses with some of her own and the big cats scattered. Mom's hissing didn't faze the kittens, either. Given this, I find it interesting that the little ones will gradually move away when one of the Residents just sits and watches them.

All of our readers have been so wonderfully supportive (thank you, one and all!!!) and, today, I had the pleasure of meeting one of you in person! We have such very nice folks in our little community!! Thank you, FG, for your encouragement and for your support! It was just awesome to meet you!


  1. Hee! So precious. My kitties have that circly ball thingy too - theirs is called a Cheese Chase, for reasons that are unclear to me. They play with it from time to time, but they don't have that kitten exuberance :-)

    I'm fascinated with animal behavior, and I have enjoyed reading about Momma Peggy Sue's reaction to the Residents. Thanks for describing all that for us!

  2. Adorable!!! We have that ball thingie too! We really don't play with it all that much anymore...but that peacock feather??? Oh mom, can we PLEAZZZZZZZ have one of those?!? That sure does look like lotsa fun!!! The video is too cute!!!

  3. Oh that was such a cute video! I can't belive how big they are getting! They are so cute and I love the whole "play with the feather, ok, hit the ball, now back to the feather for a while, now the ball" thing.

  4. Hi Everyone,

    I love to watch the Maples..they are so much fun. We over at Monica's World have tryed the peacock feather thing but no takers yet. If you get a chance, pop over to my blog for an update on Abigail's Angels. We have a little update on the feeding situation. I hope to post pictures soon. I have made several attempts to upload video to this site and the other one with no success. Hopefully Lisa will teach me AGAIN :) Sorry, Lisa...don't know what I am doing wrong.


  5. I definitely have to get a peacock feather for 9. I'm sure he'd love it. As it is, he and Chani love the circular toy that they have. There's a cardboard insert in the center for scratching. 9 is a good boy and uses it often.

  6. Oh this is such a cute video, but I must be going blind since I cannot see Winnie's cameo appearance...I've watched it over and over, but so far, no luck...

    Love how the kittens are playing with that circular thingie...and the peacock feather seems to be a HUGE hit :-) So much cuteness!

  7. Such cuteness! Those peacock feathers are dangerous creatures, but that particular one seems to be well under control - even though the kittens are having to divide their attention between it and the ball thingie. A kitten's work is never done... :-)

  8. Hyacinth, Winnie is on the coffee table. She is a black cat and the wood is very dark so it is easy to miss her. (Just a fun side note... the table is a turn of the century reference table from a NYC library that my Aunt had cut down... it's very heavily carved and, although oak, the finish is so old it appears to be almost black.)

  9. Thank you! I think I see a shape and two glowing eyes at one point :-) The table is fantastic, by the way!



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