Saturday, August 15, 2009

Support Love and Hisses, Name the Angels, and See Miss Aggie's Pretty Pink Tummy!

This week I've been on a "staycation" and, of late, I've been playing & working on a project for church, so sorry for the lack of posts. But I do have a few, quick items:

First, scoot on over to Love and Hisses, if you haven't been there already.

Robyn's current foster litter, the True Bloods, need our cyberhugs and support. All of the babies in this litter have a congenital eyelid abnormality that became evident once she was able to clear up their crusty eye problem. Robyn is waiting to hear what options are available from the vet.

Second, scoot on over to Monica's World for the latest shots of Abigail's Angels (I see several of you have been there already!!). There are actually a couple of posts, so be sure to page down. Hannah's little darlings are ready for naming and Monica and Hannah would love any suggestions you may have.

Miss Agnes came through her spay surgery with flying colors. And she was chipped at the same time. She's been resting quietly, without feline company, in the bedroom/den suite. The poor Maples have been, once again, consigned to the basement while she recovers.

For the first few hours after Aggie got home, she choose to go hide in the spaghetti behind the computer desk. She correctly identified that as a place no one ever goes! ;-) (That's the edge of the crate in which her litter pan is housed, next to the desk.) Even though it's the last place I'd choose for her to rest, right after surgery, she returned to it twice, after being offered more comfy (and less dusty) alternatives. I finally decided her feeling safe was the most important thing and let her have her way.

I don't know if I told you, but Aggie's surgery had been delayed twice due to her going into heat. *sigh* Poor little Aggie... she was so miserable both times, but Doc Andrew encouraged us to have her done when she was out of heat, if possible.

Now that she's feeling better, she's a very active kitty and keeping her quiet is a challenge (that's why she's alone). Every time I tried to take a pic she thought it was an invitation to play, so I finally put my hand in to keep her still! LOL! Fortunately, as long as I'm reading or on the computer, she quietly rests beside me.

The final installment of the meet'n'greet photos will be coming next week. In answer to the question in the comments, yes, there was interest in adopting at the meet'n'greet! :-) Due to multiple vacation plans, we'll be following up the week of 8/24.

Back to the staycation now!



  1. Lisa, the link to Love and Hisses doesn't work!

  2. Hi Deleilan! Thanks for the heads up! I try to remember to test the links after I post but must have missed it last night! Fixed!

  3. "Staycations" are the best! And will all that you do - I am sure you are keeping very busy. All the kitty foster/adoption blogs inspire me. I know our local animal shelter is looking for foster families as well. When I retire (not for awhile yet!!), that is my goal. To do some fostering as well. Good stuff!

  4. Yay for Miss Aggie's surgery going well! She's going to feel SO much better now that all that "going in heat" business is behind her :-)

    My oh my, Hannah's little kittens have grown so much...they're so adorable and fluffy! Sigh...kitten pictures make me want to run out and adopt them all!

    Hope you managed to have lots of "play" time during your staycation :-) I'm a huge fan of staycations but unfortunately never get any of those :-)

    Hugs to all, humans and felines alike :-)

  5. Sraycations are the BEST EVER.

    Glad the patients are all doing well.

    Hugs from Houston

  6. Hooray for The Spay! (Of Miss Aggie, that is.) What a fascinating bit of info about delaying till she was out of heat! When my Caroline (Girl Cat on my blog) was a kitten, back in 2002, I scheduled her to be spayed as soon as the vet felt she was old enough (back then, they wanted to wait until she was about 9 months of age).

    No exaggeration - one week before her scheduled surgery date, my girl went into her first heat. The poor little one was frantic and I didn't know what to do for her. I called the vet to ask what to do, and they said to go ahead and bring her in early. It would cost more to spay her in heat, they said, but I couldn't bear to see her miserable so whatever extra $$ was nothing by comparison. Things went fine, and she came home with her little belly shaved - awww. I have often wondered what the thinking is now, as far as spaying goes - I see that the IBKC girl kittens go when they reach 2 pounds so things must have changed. Anyway, sorry for the rambling comment! Hugs to the little darlings and Aggie, and enjoy your staycation!

  7. I went over to hugs and hisses. The little True Bloods are adorable! Huge prayers and positive thinking for all of them! Hoping that their little eyelids make a remarkable recovery. Thanks to good people like Robyn! They are in great hands!

    Yah, for Aggie girl! So, so happy for her and Lisa and the other residents as well! What a relief to all! At first I didn't know what spaghetti meant but when I looked at her picture again I lauged out load. duh! Funny!

    Don't be too jealous but I got to see Abagails Angels and Abagail this weekend! Oh what a joy! Also, Poor Abby has had ear mites since the beginning but the mite meds said not to use on pregnant momma's. So, went to the vet Sat. and got her Revolution (treats all kinds of itchy things) and also tresaderm for the little ones since they've been digging their ears too. They did not like it too much (I got to be the bad guy and apply the treatment );) but all is well and feeling mucho better!

    Hugas to ALL!

  8. Oh it is good that she is finally done and back from her surgery. It is too bad you can't explain to her that she needs to rest to feel better. Hopefully she will try to rest on her own.

    I love both Love and Hisses and Monica's world - I visit both when they post. It is too bad all the kitties have that eyelid thing - the weird part is I read an article about it the day before she posted about it - I immediately thought of them and was waiting for a new post to mention it, and she mentioned it at the same time. It sounds like it is fixable if it is the same as the article. And the little angels are all adorable! Hannah is doing a great job!



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