Saturday, July 4, 2009

Won't you please meet Mr. Frederick (Fred) Ethan Maples?

Fred (aka Orange Guy #2) most definitely did not want to sit still for his portrait and absolutely refused to cooperate for an intro video! He was so interested in figuring out how to get down from the portrait perch to go exploring that I spent more time herding him back to the middle than filming! (We'll try again tomorrow.) As you can see, Fred has white feet and a white belly, which are becoming more pronounced as he grows older. But from the back, or in a kitten pile, I still can't tell who is who between Fred and George.

Fred has been our premiere box scaler... yes, the kittens are now trying, quite diligently, to break out of their "double-wide!" They almost got out today, and I don't want them to hurt themselves with the drop on the other side, so we made an emergency run to the local pet supply purveyor to obtain something more suitable for the next phase in housing. Below are some pics and a video of their first meal in the new digs.

When we fostered Miss Bitty, two co-workers lent us crates, which we hooked together to form an interim "compound" to house the kittens until we were comfortable with them having the run of the basement. That worked very well so we replicated it, with a few tweaks, for the Maples. We set the compound up in the back half of the basement while we work to kitten-proof the front half (it's a big kitchen, circa 1950). The well worn knotty pine paneling in the back half of the basement is also a dead giveaway that the house was built in 1950! LOL!

They've got a cuddly section, a mini-playground and we'll set up litter and eating zones... I can't believe it's almost time for those already!! The painter's tape is to secure the panels, yet allow for easy removal when people are around so the babies can really stretch their little legs. Don't worry, the outer walls are solid enough they can't knock them over by trying to scale the bars! Later, when the kittens have the run of the basement, the outer panels will only be used when they need to be contained for some reason.

We put "steps" on each side of the "mommy gate" to make entering easier, but Peggy Sue effortlessly bounds over the barrier, completely ignoring them. I'll replace the cardboard "mommy gate" with something she can see through, so she doesn't accidentally jump in on the little ones. We'll also remove the interior door tomorrow - couldn't find the right pliers tonight! ;-)

And here's a video of their first meal in the new accommodations... nice and snug with mom:


  1. Fred and George... like Fred and George Weasley, the twins in Harry Potter ?
    Those who spend their time playing tricks ?
    Oh gosh, you are brave :-)

  2. Well, Hello Mr. George Mango and Mr. Frederick Ethan Maples! Oh my goodness, they are so handsome! Love the new quarters. The bed looks so comfy. Peggy Sue and the little ones are loving life, that is evident!

  3. Hee, how fitting that Fred and George are difficult to tell apart!

    Amazing setup, and very versatile. They certainly don't seem to mind the move!

  4. They definitely look happy in their new compound, and Fred is certainly a handsome young man.

    I love watching Peggy Sue's paws knead the air as she nurses. She's so relaxed and contented, thanks to you!

  5. fred and george. gred and feorge! weasley!!!! someone else stole my thunder, but i'll just pretend, because i was not up at 3:04am...

  6. Yes folks, you've guessed correctly! We went with the Weasley theme! Want to guess who Buff Boy will be??? :-)

    We'll do a "credits" post, too, to properly thank everyone!! The naming process has been a blast for us over here at Space Paws, so we'll thank you right now for that alone!!

    Lisa & Sonia

  7. Oh, PS - I worried unnecessarily about the "mommy gate." Peggy Sue peers over the edge and then jumps in. Her accuracy is astounding. I've seen her land right in the middle of the kittens, without touching one!!

  8. Oh, golly... I had my suspicions when it started with Ginny, and then came George, but now you guys have totally made my day! Yay for HP and namesake orange kitties! :-) (Maybe Buff Boy will be Percy, who was kind of the odd man out among the family in the books?)

    Oh, and everyone looks very content in their resdesigned quarters, though I'll look forward to seeing them out and about once the kitten-proofing is finished.

  9. Well, I feel as if I'm being redundant, but can't go without commenting. Please refer to all my previous raves.

    LOVE the air biscuits Peggy Sue!

  10. Oh Fred - you are adorable. I have a very special furry Frederick in my life too, named for Freddie Mercury. Like you, he was a tremendously energetic kitten and thus I only have 1 photo from his kittenhood that isn't a blur. (This was before I had a digital camera.)

    Anyway - wonderful job on the kitty housing, Lisa, and adorable pics! I will catch up on the videos soon too!

  11. Oh insanely cute...Fred and George, the orange Weasley twins! I swear each kitten is cuter than the one is this possible?

    Love their new digs :)

  12. Oh, Fred is so cute - I have to say I love people names for my kitties (4 of the 5 have them, and really the 5th is, it is just not a human person name, it is an alien name from a TV show). And I think the crate idea is wonderful - we actually considered getting a big one for Barney when our power went out and he had to come out and join everyone early. It is open yet safe - best of both worlds!



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