Sunday, July 5, 2009

Yes indeed, we went "Weasley!" And we want to thank EVERYONE for their suggestions!! :-)

First, let me say thank you for all the name contributions!! Each and every one!

It was fun gathering and picking them... we hope the process was fun for you, too! And we've got a ready supply of names now for subsequent litters (although we all wish there would be no more kittehs without homes, we know there will be). I've got to say, you all are much more creative than we are!!

The Weasley suggestion was from Waterdragon687... who also guessed, correctly, that Buff Boy would become Percy. Thank you, thank you! It seemed tripley appropriate with the kittens being "red heads," because we were calling Orange Guys #1 & #2, "the twins," and because Buff Boy is just a bit different from the others (OK, it was personality with Percy in the HP books, but you get the parallel.)!

Other votes for Weasley first names (whether they were thinking, "Weasley" or not) came from:
- Anon, Amy, MooseRidge: George
- spinkitty, Nichole and Amy: Ginger (Ginny)

The middles were suggested by:
- Ngriffin40: Priscilla
- Ely Lopez and Anon: Mango
- Kate: Ethan
- Natlie: Todd

Again, thanks to everyone, for the names but, even more important, also for the support!
Lisa & Sonia


  1. oh, duh, i didn't even realize ginny weasley. you can't expect me to remember muchless correlate things spaced days apart, lol. the only reason i put fred and george together was because both were mentioned in that post.

  2. LOL! You're ahead of the game, angie! A friend of mine was over today... he's a huge HP fan. I introduced the kittens and he didn't get it!! I couldn't believe it! I swear he blushed when I ribbed him. :-)

  3. Oh dear...I must admit that I have never gotten around to reading the HP books *hangs head in shame* So the character references are lost on me. However - when attached to such beautiful, precious babies - all I can say is: Bravo! Wonderful choices! *clapping*

  4. Aww, I feel semi-famous now! LOL How exciting that it was my suggestion you chose... and the funniest thing is that I would have named them all exactly what you did! I just thought the Weasleys were so appropriate for this bunch of cuties, since there was the one girl, nearly twin boys and one who was just that little bit different. :-) Give them all a skritch from me, and mama Peggy Sue too, of course... I do loves me some orange kitties. (If only I lived closer, I might even consider adopting at least Fred and George... alas, though, I'm most of the way across the country--sigh. I'll just have to continue living vicariously through your lovely blog.)

    And by the way, I just got a notice from my credit card company saying they're going to have to reissue my card because of fraud, so thank you for turning a rather "pleh" day into a much better one!

  5. LOL, waterdragon! Bask in your bacon-cat moment! It was a great suggestion... we wouldn't have thought of it! I'll pass the skritches along!

    Sorry to hear about the card... it's happened twice (debit card and credit card) to me and is a pain in the patoot, especially if you have automatic charges. Both times it was processing house data that was compromised, rather than fraud against me, per se. Glad the naming news helped brighten your day!



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