Thursday, July 9, 2009

Wanted: New Roomie

Leopoldo is looking for a new roommate. While we founded the blog for abandoned animals found by 'tute staff, we thought, what the heck, we've got a 'tute critter here who needs a new home. He's welcome, too! Here's the note SpacePaws received from him yesterday:

Hi! I'm Leopoldo and I hail from Buenos Aires where I was born five years ago. I've been lucky to live a quite cultured existence full of apartment living and now owning my own sun room at my human's house. I don't run around all that much, but I love to bink when I'm happy (see bink - this is not me binking about, but it'll give you an idea of some of my skills. My human's not very fast with the video to catch me doing this!).

Unfortunately my human is leaving to pursue her masters degree in NY - I ate my GRE exam. Apparently we have to turn it in to get a grade or something. So, here I am looking for a new home!

I'm loved by and love kids and adults, dogs and cats - although due to my size (I prefer small-challenged) many dogs think I'm one of their species and cats don't quite know what to do with me. I'm pretty much cage trained (I go where I should - in a corner of my cage). I prefer empty boxes to fancy bunny toys (much to the chagrin of my human - and my enjoyment). My best skill would have to be that I can eat like a vacuum cleaner and also when the mood strikes, I'll follow you just like your trusty Fido! My favorite times with my human have been helping to clean up (eating the broom and watching very closely where everything goes) and just hanging out and being petted. My favorite of all time though is to be held like a baby - I fall fast asleep (its one of the few times I let my human see me sleeping!) and am just in absolute heaven!

I hope that you have a home for me! I'm going to miss my human a lot, but am looking forward to meetng new people!

Send an email to my human, Cecilia, at She'll let me know your interest and questions and will get back to you!


  1. Oh...Leopoldo, you handsome guy, you! I think our HOA would evict us if I attempted to bring home one more animal. I have heard that bunnies make wonderful pets. I will keep a (rabbit) ear to the ground hereabouts for you.

  2. What a sweet little bunny! He sounds like a perfect gentleman! Hope he finds a wonderful home soon!

  3. I hope Leopoldo finds a good home quickly - I wish we were nearby because he is a cutie! Of course our kittys might not like it! I am sure he will have lots of offers!

  4. Ohhh, he is absolutely adorable. Is he in the Baltimore area as well? I wish I lived just a little bit closer.

  5. Yes, Andrea, Leopoldo is currently in Baltimore. His human, Cecilia, is moving to a dorm in NY, so if you're interested, and in the NorthEast, you can contact her at



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