Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Mr. Fred and Two More Videos to Catch Up on the Maples

Hi folks! Sorry I missed posting yesterday... the day sorta got away from me. Here are three quick ones to catch you up on the goings on at Casa Maples.

First, the long awaited video of our young Fred. The young man just did not want to cooperate on a solo video!!

This is a short of what I think was Percy's first experience with the formula bowl. What he lacks in technique, he certainly makes up for in enthusiasm.

And, finally, sort of a typical evening at the Casa these days. George has discovered the joys of playing with objects. Just a couple of minutes before this was filmed he was really exercising that glitter ball!


  1. Wonderful! Lovely! Priceless!

    Your videos make me feel that I'm almost there, watching the kittens grow. It is so great that you share this with all of us on the 'net!

    Mr. Fred has definitely discovered his feet. I didn't know he's got such immaculate white socks, too...

    Percy, you are supposed to lap up the milk with your tongue, there's no need to stick your nose in...

    I could watch the "average evening" for all day; I really wonder how you get anything done in the house with these toddlers around. At least I know where to go to find a bit of relaxation!

  2. I second everything that Mari said, above. I would also like to call dibs on cleaning off little Percy's nose and whiskers when he's done drinking :-) Thank you so much for sharing these babies with us. I'm now sitting on my hands in an attempt to keep from trying to adopt another kitten ;-)

  3. Oh my gosh - Fred is just too cute!!! If I was in my new place already, I would seriously make the drive to MD to adopt him. My kitty, Katia would love him.

  4. These are the luckiest kitties in the world!

  5. These kitten videos really melt my seriously, I can feel my heart just melting slowly as I watch them (over and over and over)...little Fred with his white-tipped paws, Percy with his milk-splashed nose (oh the nose dipping, too cute), little George and his glitter ball, and sweet Ginny all spit-shined after her can this much cuteness exist?

    Love love love the videos by the way, thank you so much for posting them and letting us watch them grow.

  6. Miss Peggy Sue looks like such a sweet girl! I hope she finds a good home. One of my kitties was a teenage mom as well, and she's a darling.

  7. heaven help me. percy's slorop-slorp made me all melty.

  8. Oh my gosh, I'm simply dying of all the cuteness! Percy's nose dunking is so darn adorable. Fred, George and Ginny (Peggy Sue too). Thank you for posting such lovely videos and I love your commetary :)

    AGH! for being across the country from the Maples!

  9. Ok, they are too cute! Wonderful videos - I just love all of them - mom and babies!

  10. They look so much like CATS until the Big Hand comes to pet them and then suddenly they look so teeny!!

    Peggy Sue was so funny in the last one - She clearly hadn't expected a feeding session but the expression on her face clearly said, Oh alright if you must...

  11. Oh, Percy--always the overachiever. LOL

    A lovely set of videos, as always... I'm glad Fred did (sort of) finally cooperate so we could get a proper look at his sweet little self. (And I'm with Mari, the white socks on that boy are SO cute!)

  12. I don't know what was cuter- Fred with his little wobbles and squeaks, or Percy half-drowning in the formula! Hee! Not to mention George over there, plus the kids and mom cleaning like crazy. You said the last vid was "not very exciting", but we had to watch it a couple of times. Aww.



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