Saturday, July 25, 2009

Sleeping Newborns & More

Well, I just can't wipe the grin off of my face! Look at those little pink pads and precious muzzles, will you???

Oh, Hannah, you lucky thing! Just born kittens are endlessly facinating for some reason!! For those who don't follow comments, Monica shared this yesterday evening:

Monica'sWorld said...
Thank you all for the good wishes and believe me my daughter [Hannah] is pampering these babies and their mommy. She only allows positive thinking and talk when we are in the same room with them. On occasion I would mention how heartless someone must be to abandon such precious pets but she will remind me....ONLY POSITIVE THOUGHTS!!! It's so hard sometimes. But we have beautiful kittens that we can't help smile and laugh when we are with them. Monica

I thought that was sooo perfect! You tell us, Hannah... only positive thoughts!

I'll call them tomorrow and find out what's been happening at Chez Hannah. And maybe Monica and I can get a video uploaded, to boot! In the meantime, we can clearly see that Miss Abigail is getting her lovin' up!

BTW, there were two earlier posts today... One a big horray for the IBCK fundraiser and one to tell you some good news about Miss Aggie. Just a follow up on that post: I suspect our little Houdini got bored since I'm at work all day and investigated anything and everything (like the space between the curtain & window). The shiny doorhandle last night was an obvious attraction! :-)


  1. I love, only positive thinking! I'm so lucky to have her as my niece. She clearly has a special spot in my heart!

    Oh, and that Aggie! She is really something else. She's a very curious young lady!

  2. Oh that is so wonderful to keep only positive thinking. And in that first picture, the little kitty in front reminds me of Frances (who I think was actually a badger) from the Frances books I read when I was little - I don't know why but something about the face and the little ears made me immediately think of that!



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