Saturday, July 25, 2009

Good News for our Brilliant Miss Aggie!

Sorry about the lack of posts yesterday. We lost power for six hours here and, when it came back up, I had work to do! And, because I was working from home, I tried introducing Miss Aggie to the General Population. Her aggressiveness has diminished and it may be a while before she leaves us.

It's working out tolerably well so far. Some hissing, lots of hiding on the parts of Bitty and Annie (Winnie isn't cowed by anyone), but generally peaceful. This is a good thing because, if the prospective adoption we have lined up works out, Aggie won't be leaving the house until the fall. Yes, that's right, a lovely young lady has fallen in love with our Miss Aggie... the first time she read the blog, no less! She confirmed her continuing interest yesterday. I know the prospective mom, so we're willing to wait! Miss Aggie deserves the best!

And so why have I labeled Miss Aggie brilliant, you may ask!?? Well, it's because she's learned to open doors. I'd housed Miss Aggie in the den/spare bedroom "suite" and there are French doors from the den to the living room. Several times Aggie got out after I could have sworn I shut the door. Our little vixen discovered that if she hangs on the door knob, the latch can stick in the open position and she can get out!! I finally caught her at it on Wednesday.

That was another motivation to incorporate her in the General Population. Of course she's destroyed the curtain rods on the door in her escape attempts... she wormed her way between the curtain and the glass. LOL! No worries, though, they can easily be fixed. The doors, however, are going to need a little touch up varnish.

But wait, there's more! Last night, sitting in the living room, I heard the screen door squeak. Miss Aggie had discovered the lever type handle on the door. The pic is dark, but I only had a bit of time to try and snap one while she was trying. She'd actually managed to depress the lever and get it open a mite. And she tried a second time, too. *sigh* Now I need to keep the screen door locked!

Well, at least it is a stainless steel door & she won't be able to hurt it (I didn't even know they made stainless doors for residential use until I bought this house! They are a bit on the ugly side, but virtually indestructible. I highly recommend them. These are circa the late 50s or early 60s according to my neighbor).

Off to grab something to eat and then we'll post an update on the beauteous Abigail and her Angels.


  1. Aggie, you are too smart for your own good, girl! You have it good there! Hope her new mom has doors that can be kept shut.

  2. Oh dear....We went through this with our first Marmy boy , Jake, aka Jakey J. Our house had the same sort of lever handels on all of the doors..bangida bangida bangida...the lil twerp..oops , clever lad figured it out. He also figured out how to get on the bathroom vanity counter top and grasp the light toggle with his teeth...light .

    She's a clever girl that one .

    Greetings from Houston

  3. That's great to hear about Miss Aggie! I hope it all works out. She's a great kitty despite having a rough life so far (being abandoned and having her only kitten pass away). She deserves to be in a loving furever home.

  4. Well, if Aggie's new mom has smooth knobs, she should be OK. I doubt Aggie could have gotten out of the den, given the round door knob, if the lock mechanisim didn't stick once you turn it. She accomplishes the turn by reaching up and dragging down on the knob. It doesn't stick every time, but more than half if you get it turned all the way, as I've discovered. Looks like I need to whip out the old WD-40. ;-)

    We are so happy she's got a good home!! She's such a love... very affectionate!

    We were getting a little worried about her since she's a very social cat, and I had to keep her isolated because of the hormone induced fiestiness. Day two of interaction with the General Population is relatively peaceful. Annie needs extra lovin' up, though... she's not happy about the newcomer and doesn't realize Aggie will chase if she runs.

    Winnie does absolutely nothing and all Aggie does is sniff her politely and lay down a foot or two away and snooze. I want to tell Annie... pay attention... that's how it is done!

  5. Oh Aggie, I am so happy for her. She is a very unique and obviously very intelligent little girl.

  6. It's good to know that there are other cats that open doors as well! It's unbelievable how smart and capable they are. They only need us for food and pets. :)
    Thanks for checking in on me. I'm currently home visiting the folks, so no updates recently but I'm going to do a brief boring one right now! Still doing well following the accident though.
    Hope you are well! :)

  7. Good to hear all is well Courtney!!

    Yeah, we're only needed for food, sometimes pets and, of course, our important role as cat box janitors!

  8. Wow, that is crazy that she can open doors! I know my cats have tried to jump at the knobs but never actually succeded in getting it open! She is a smart one! And it is so good that you are willing to keep her until her new home is ready!



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