Sunday, July 26, 2009

Hannah & Meghan's Kitten Song!

Monica reports to us:

"Okay, this is too too adorable....Hannah and her best friend since 4th grade wrote a kitten song (they love music and kittens so go figure...).They actually sit with the kittens and sing this. It is so cute and I wanted to record it because it sounds so cute but they would let me......YET.....I haven't given up on that."

Life as a Kitten
(sung to the tune of "If you like Pina Coladas," sort of,
according to Hannah)

I was born on a Wednesday morning
In the middle of July
I'm a lil Baby Kitten
and sometimes I like to cry

I like to drink from my Momma
and stretch and yawn all the time
I spend most my time sleeping
I'm bored so now I'm making a rhyme

(Chorus): Black, white fur all over
Lil paws and baby noses
You can see us rollin' round
we often strike cute poses

We all hope we get adopted
and find good homes to stay
Will you pick me as your kitten?
and take me home today

I'll love you with all my might
Now it's time to say goodnight.

Meghan and Hannah have been hanging out for many summers now... Monica refers to her as her second daughter. These are two very creative girls!

One kitten has shown some personality. The littlest kitten has stripey legs and is also very vocal, talking up a storm. Hannah is keeping a close eye on him (or her... we're not sure on sexes yet).

Naturally, most of the time the new babies are sleeping... but they get lots of visitors! Monica said it's a good thing they can't see yet, because there is a parade of heads hanging over the edge of the box. Hannah is very protective and, so far, only she picks them up and does so judiciously. Miss Abigail has shown absolute trust in Hannah and has never objected... and she doesn't object to the observers, either! Looks like these will be well socialized little bundles by the time they are ready to fly the nest.

You can visit Monica & Hannah at Monica's World... we're reprinting (with some extras, here, to streamline the adoption publicity... and 'cause they are, after all, little Space Paws!!).


  1. You're not kidding that's too adorable! Those are two creative girls!! Can't wait to hear the recording. : )

  2. I LOVE the song too! Please, please sing it to us! Very!
    Love, Aunt sonia



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