Tuesday, July 14, 2009

It's a Three Ring Circus!

Sometimes it's relatively quiet at Casa Maples, sometimes it is not. This is a decidedly "not" clip!


  1. Lisa, if you are reading this...I'm having trouble posting Litter, Part II and Mush, Part II. When I go to "post options" to change the date and time, I get an error the HTML that our cannot be accepted. So, that is why I've been posting with the original date. Also, this why I'm posting the last video clip you created for send out to our avid followers!

  2. Oh...ferocious furballs...can it get cuter than this? Love the "crazy hour" at Casa de Maples...it really does look like a three-ring circus :)

    By the way, Peggy Sue is one sweet mama, doesn't seem to mind her tail being used as a toy :)

  3. aw! That was so cute.. four little spazzes.

  4. That is cute - they are getting very active for sure - I guess they are at that age!

  5. Peggy Sue doesn't seem to be at all disturbed by the tail play. She is sooo sweet!



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