Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Litter, Part I

As promised in the previous video, the empty pan, to which the kittens had grown accustomed, is now filled with litter. Just like human toddlers, the kittens just have to put everything in their mouths! Yuck! Clay! Here's Mr. George, taking the first foray into the pan.


  1. Oh Georgie Porgie...I adore you, sweetie, but you have a little bit to learn about what is and is not good to eat ;-) But that's a kitten for you - there is no limit to their curiosity, is there? How precious!

  2. Oh the memories....we had a tiny box when we got the triplets home and my husband laughed at my sing song voice.." So....insert name...do you have to POOP ???? "..Then I caught him using the " Poop voice."

    Hugs and Headbutts

    p.s....L....Got the lab results......Xena does NOT have diabetes..must have been a $225.00 snit..gonna be the death of me yet...


  3. So adorable.. Forgive me for interjecting, but I hope the litter is of the non-clumping variety for the very reason depicted. It could cause issues with his innards.

    Sorry.. can't help myself.

  4. Yeah for Xena! Whew!

    Yes, Sue... It's plain non-clumpping litter. :-) And it's always good to give a warning!


  5. I already knew it was non clumping without additives because I peeped at the next video clip! Never, ever hurts to ask. We are all learning every day. This might help another person who didn't know. Always, thanks for the input!

    sonia (smile)!

  6. Oh little Georgie, my sweetheart...crunch crunch munch munch...yuck! Litter is not for eating you silly boy :) Ask for some treats instead, they're much yummier than litter :)

  7. Well, that is a new one on me - I have seen kittens roll in their litter (Barney does that) and try to hide in the litter (and I mean in like burried in - Barney again) but never try to eat the litter.



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