Friday, July 17, 2009

Litter, Part II

This time it's Ms. Ginny's turn to explore the newly filled litter pan. She, too, must subject it to the taste test. This is why they tell you to start kittens off on plain clay. Thank heaven there are still some brands that have no additives! There's a bit of wrestling in this clip, as well.

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  1. Ok, honestly I haven't ever had a kitty eat the litter, and that makes me very happy. Because, well, eeeww. I know my aunts dogs eat out of the litter (they eat the little leavings - lets just put it that way to avoid too much grossness) and they probably get some litter with it - and it never occured to me that the litter could be bad but since they use clumping I think I will mention it to them. See your site is not just cute but also educational and helpful for other animals too!!



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