Monday, July 27, 2009

A couple of playing videos

Since Miss Aggie now has the run of upstairs (things are still going OK with the General Population... yay!), the kittens inherited the triangular thingy. It's a hit.

And here's Percy, inside of the scratcher hut. The string from which the ball is suspended finally broke yesterday. I swear, I think that little thin internal thread must have been made of steel!

The Maples are doing well... lots of playing going on these days. Big news - the kittens have gone traveling to foreign countries. Yes, the dweebs left Mapleland to explore Kitchenland. Right over the 2.5 inch higher mommy gate.

Since I'd blocked off the appliances before I decided to use the back basement, they should be fine, so down came the mommy gate and they've got the run of the downstairs now. They love Kitchenland - lots of places to explore and hide. The inside of the drop leaf table is a favorite right now. The leaves are almost the height of the table and fold down on both sides, so they have their own private oasis. It's got struts for fighting around and everything.


  1. Typical cat behaviour: Percy seems more interested in the string than the ball.
    Glad to see Mama is looking so well!

  2. It's so great to see the Maples again. I've missed them so. Where is our Miss GinGin? I didn't see her in the video. I love the triangular thingy. I'm going buy one for the new little sixtuplets for their 3 week birthday! Where did you buy it? Percy sure is going to town.. Bundles of play! I smiled the whole time watching the little maples. In the end of the video I hear a meeeoooowww. Is that Miss Agnes from upstairs?

  3. Oh thos Maples they have grown so much! They are ENORMOUS! (and look so happy and healthy) Peggy Sue looks happy and contented too. In the first video, I am sure I can hear schlurping going on

    Whicky Wuudler

  4. Yay, more Maples videos! Gosh, they're getting big... but still VERY cute. (Though I will admit I have a bit of a bias toward these guys, having helped to name them and all. ;-) ) And you're definitely getting your money's worth out of all those toys, looks like... though my favorite part was the bit in the first video where Percy was playing with the feather toy and Fred was playing with Percy's tail. (Sort of a kitten conga-line. LOL)

  5. what is it about the strings that is so much more appealing?? my cat is GUILTY of that one!

  6. Kitties prefer strings because they taste better!!

    Thanks for vids and the shot of PS. It's always important to remember the momma kitties!

  7. Oh they are so cute! They seem gianourmous after seeing the pictures of the newborn kittens!

  8. I agree with Amy- they are really growing up!

    Who was meowing/yodeling at the end of the first video?

  9. Kitten perfection. And SO grown up!

  10. That was indeed Miss Aggie expressing herself on the video. If she hears others having fun, she wants to join in... and let's you know it! She's not much more than a kitten herself!! ;-)



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