Friday, June 26, 2009

We're motivated tonight... to sleep

Tonight the gang was not terribly active...
Looks like they'd rather sleep instead. Breathing optional for some! ;-)

I realized I haven't posted Miss Aggie or Miss Peggy Sue pics for a while. I will have to remedy that this weekend. My only excuse: kittens are endlessly facinating, even when they're not doing much!


  1. How come Miss Peggy Sue isn't hanging out with her babies? They're not weaned yet, are they?

  2. Lisa - thank you for visiting my blog, and for your lovely comment! You are so; when one person or animal leaves the earth, it seems that another one appears who needs a special place in our lives.

    My animals are also rescues of one sort or another (well, 3 of the 4 are rescues) and they are a constant reminder to me of how beautiful life can be. Thanks again for visiting, and don't be a stranger!

  3. What an adorable bunch of babies!!!

    I LOVE kitties!

    My daughter does, too, so much that ever since we lost our beloved Phydeaux Pheline she pretends to be a kitty nearly every morning while getting ready for daycare.

    I guess I'll need to add a new member to our family soon...

  4. There is nothing more soft than a kittens ears and little pink pads on their feet. Over the years we have bottle fed many abandoned kittens. We loved to watch their little ears move back and forth when they drank their bottles....

  5. nuzzy nosies and toesies.." kISS THE FACE, LOVE THE POO'S "

    What a wonderful way to start out a Friday.

    Hugs and Headbutts from Houston

  6. Lisa, your photos of these gorgeous little balls of fluff just totally make my day! I love each and every one of the photos and videos :)

    Thanks for visiting my Flickr page, and your lovely comment. I put a link to your blog on my comments so my Flickr friends can come visit your beautiful kittens as well :)

    Hope you have a great weekend!

  7. Oh they are just adorable. Those tiny little cries. Swoon... It seems like Buff Boy's personality is already developing. I love it!

  8. they look so spotless clean! Their little heads are looking a little less wobbly! Can't wait to see Aggie and Peggy Sue this weekend!

  9. Oh, they are so adorable all piled up. And I can understand taking a day to rest - sounds like a great day to me! Can't wait to see the bigger girls this weekend!

  10. I also miss seeing Peggy Sue. She was my pretty girl who would greet me first everyday on the farm. Can't wait to see her. Thanks so much for taking such wonderful care of her and her babies. I can't believe how blessed they are being with you.

  11. Hi folks!

    Anon, nope, they're not weaned yet! Tonight I'm posting 3 videos and two of them have Peggy Sue in them, so we can all get our fix of momma. She’s usually hanging out, right outside of camera view. I got the low sided red fuzzy thingy to make it easier to film the kittens and it is a little hard for her to squish in there with them.

    Margaret & Hyacinth (and Amy and Marlene and Aunty Pol), it's been so cool getting to know you! The foster blog community (for lack of a better term) has been so warm and welcoming! Thank you!

    Stephanie, wish you were closer! The Maples will be ready for forever homes in early August! We’ll keep our fingers crossed that you find the purrfect Texan kitten for Bethany!

    And Monica, I keep telling you, I've got the best end of this deal... I get to snorgle and cuddle and pet to my hearts content!! I really feel honored you and Sonia trusted me to do this.




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