Monday, June 1, 2009

The Previous Adventures: Bitty's Brood... First Day Out!

Sorry folks... busy day, so here's something from the archives. Rest assured, #1 Son and Aggie are doing just fine. Honestly though, at this age, #1 Son is mostly sleeping, eating and, well, you know.... ;-)

July 29th, 2007 was the first day Bitty's kittens were allowed out of the "double" crate we rigged up for them. Two generous STScIers, Joy and Maria, lent their crates so Bitty's brood of 7 could have plenty of space. We made a "bedroom" in the double-wide - that's the box you see - so the kittens could have a smaller, snuggly space, and the cut-out was for easy access for Momma Bitty. On this auspicious day, we removed the cardboard "wall" that prevented the kittens from entering the big, wide world.

Always the trailblazer, first came Splotch (Carinae), wide eyed, into the world beyond the bars.

Jack (Draco) wasn't quite sure whether he was up for this adventure. Just a little encouragement from Splotch did the trick, though.

Jack & Splotch both had to help Dot (Missy) work up the courage to venture forth.

And Dot soon took her first steps into the big world.

Splotch decided she wanted to go back in... through the grown up door, of course! And she did, too! After that, there was no way to keep them in!

And, after an exciting 15 minutes or so, Momma Bitty encouraged them to belly up to the milk bar... it works on the "outside," too! :-)


  1. What a lovely kitten family and mum!!

  2. Hi Martin! Nice to see you here! Bitty and her brood were so much fun to foster. With 7 kittens, there was always something going on! I fell in love with Bitty and couldn't let her go! :-)

  3. Hehe - Glad to hear shes got a good home!

    Yeah Im a fan of Sue and laurie too so thats how I got here! Can't have enough pictures of kitties now can we?? ;)

  4. Loved hearing about the adventures of Bitty and her brood :) I also agree with Martin...can't ever have enough pictures of kittens :)

  5. Lisa - Is this from where you work??

  6. First... On kitteh, pictures. Hyacinth & Martin, I just love seeing people love up on kittens! Can't get enough either! ;-)

    Martin, yes, that is where Sonia and I work. That is the web site that our Office of Public Outreach maintains. Most of the 'tute supports the science staff.

    I sit down the hall from a bunch of the folks listed on the "About Us" page. If you look at the pic of the building on that page, my office is just out of the frame, to the left, on the ground floor! ;-) Sonia is two floors up, toward the middle.

    Margie & Alisa captured Miss Bitty right in front of the bank of windows to the left on the ground floor. STScI is on the campus of Johns Hopkins University and the building backs up to woods and a stream, which is no doubt, where Miss Bitty did her hunting until Margie (& many others) began feeding her.

  7. Cool Lisa - You guys do a great job...

    I'm glad you guys can help Miss Bitty and get family to get new homes - Just wished I was nearer to take one with me!



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