Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I Snooze and I Stretch and Then I Snooze Some Morezzzzzzz

My daily routine consists mainly of the aforementioned activitiezzzzzz. Punctuated, of course, by mommy washings, eating and that big smelly creature holding me. But I can snooze in spite of her.


  1. He's going to be a lovely stunner when gets a bit bigger...

  2. Okay, it's still relatively early in the morning in California, and I simply cannot handle this much cuteness all at once...have mercy! The stretching...the snoozing...the little belly...the tiny paws...I'm completely in love with Son #1.

  3. I spy mummy cat in the background (of photo 2) so I think you are quite safe with the big smelly creature...

  4. from sonia
    aaaaahhh...how sweet, love the closeups. almost feels like i'm right there... looks like mommy aggie sure is keeping #1 son content with that round little tummy. lisa, i sure do agree with you about all the great people here at the 'tute providing moral and tangible support! A huge thanks to them too! please keep the pictures coming. they are so adorable. i just love aggie and little #1 son so much and am so thankful you are taking care of them. just thinking that our little aggie girl might be out there right now trying to find food and a place to keep #1 son warm and safe makes me thankful she found us. (smile)!
    ps went to google accnt. my request could not be processed. might need your help on how to post without saying anonymous
    signing off - sonia



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