Saturday, May 30, 2009

#1 Son's Eyes Are Open!! Happy 2nd Week Birthday!

You can barely see it but, then, they are barely open! And #1 Son is two weeks old today! Woohoo! Heck of a birthday present from Mother Nature, eh? He was just a little bobble head, as tiny kittens are wont to be, so just getting a shot that showed them open was challenging.

And I didn't have a lot of time, because at his first squeek, uber-mom Aggie was up on the chair to make sure he was OK.

The shoot was over - Aggie took up her protective stance with #1 Son under her body. This is a daily occurrence in our house. Every time Aggie hears one of the resident kittehs at the door to the den, she pulls the "Tweety Snuggly" over her son and the straddles him, just as you see in this photo, and starts growling. Nobody is going to get to her baby!! Even if she can't see them!


  1. Oh my gosh he's so tiny!

  2. these great pictures made my day! thank you so much:-) i can just picture Aggie hiding #1 son under the tweety snuggly and standing over him. hilarious but very serious. what a personality, our Aggie girl. #1 son can see, yipeeeeeee.... I grew very attached to Agnes in a short period of time, so these pictures help me from missing her too much and of course holding #1 son in the palm of my hand. i'm still learning how to post and comment and i hear critters outside calling my name, i think my post will show up anonymous, so i'll sign off...sonia
    p.s. give them both a pat from me! ;-)

  3. Will do, Sonia! (If you sign into Sonia's World and then come over to the AoSP blog, choose Google Account when you comment, and your avitar will display.)

    Caroline, he is tiny... like Sonia said, he doesn't even fill the palm of my hand!

  4. Oh my word! This is absolutely precious! What a tiny little #1 Son he is, and what a good mama.

    It's clear that they are loved. So sweet.

  5. How precious! I'm a fan of IBKC and Pitter Pats, and I was so thrilled to see that there's a similar blog in Maryland! (I live and work in Montgomery County - howdy, neighbor!) I'll be back! Thanks again for the work you do!

  6. Oh, he is so tiny and cute! And Aggie sounds like a great mom!

  7. Sue and Amy, yes, she's a wonderful mom... and she's little more than a baby herself! *sigh* That makes me so angry... what were those humans thinking when they dumped such a precious little girl?

    Amy, I stopped by your blog, but couldn't leave a comment. Hurray for your Floyd! Fingers crossed!

    And howdy, Mis M! It's not just Sonia and me! So many folks at the 'tute are providing moral and tangible support!

    Thanks to everyone who has been commenting and leaving messages. The intertube support is very much appreciated!

  8. Oh I'm just loving this blog and I love the work you guys are doing, helping the itty bitties and their mommas :) Aggie sounds like such a sweetheart and #1 son is just too precious.

  9. Thanks, Hyacinth! Lots and lots of people at the Institute pitched in to protect Bitty. Hopefully this blog will be used by many of us here. (Right now our HR director is patiently trying to coax a stray momma kitteh out of hiding in order to rescue her & the kittens. Please keep your fingers crossed for her!!)

  10. Fingers crossed for the stray momma and her guys are all awesome!



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