Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A Bit'O'Fun & a Visit

Well, the taxes were done and then I saw the bear - missing a 1099. Crud! Extension filed. And I am getting a refund, too.  :-(  And then the monitor died. At least it died after I got 'em done. My old eyes would have shriveled in their sockets if I'd had to do the dang 1040 using only the laptop monitor!!

So then it was monitor shopping, yesterday was visiting with Sarah, Trudy and Lawrie and, finally, today I installed the new monitor.  Only enough time tonight for a quickie and I'll get back to visiting tomorrow!

Bilo (formerly Bitty's baby, Victor) has his inbred cat moment, no doubt courtesy of niece, Shelly!

Sarah served up an amazing supper and I got to visit with Trudy and Lawrence yesterday! That's our church (Sarah's and mine) in the background.  Yep, Sarah lives next door and she gets comments about the pretty kittehs in her windows!  :-D
Trudy wondering why no one is paying attention to her.
Mom, Sarah, assuring her she's the most regal kitteh in the kitchen!


  1. We never tire of seeing in-bread kitties! Hahaha!

  2. hey, another in-bread kitty! I keep threatening to do that to The Crew one of these days

  3. LOL..oh honey , I am so glad to see that things are getting back to normal for you too ! I had to check our return before I mailed it out , as usual G inverted a number on my social !

    Love ya




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