Saturday, April 2, 2011

We Have Visitors! And A Short Baby Video!

Does this look familiar? Recognize this dynamic duo?
Yes, Trudy and Lawrie have come for a visit. They arrived the same day Mama and her kittens did and, unfortunately, until today, have been incarcerated in my room! I'd planned to let them out to mingle with the General Population Wednesday night, but you know what happened... *sigh*

But they're out and about today and getting on with everyone but Peggy Sue... who still hisses every time she gets too close to them. Sophie looks like she wants to play and we may see that soon, I hope. Bitty just sniffs at them and ignores them. And Annie is still guarding the back basement. *sigh*

Trudy in huntress mode.

Lawrie gracing us with bedroom eyes.

While they are here, I'm handling some vet stuff for dad Ricky. The folks at Carney Animal Hospital were thrilled to see the guys again. I don't know if you've met Doc Ed on the blog. He's Doc Andrew's dad and was my very first vet for my very first cat of my own (you know, back in the dark ages). I went to live in the DC area for 20 years and when I came back to B'more, I called CAH for an appointment. They said, "Your appointment with Dr. Jendrek is at..." and I was thrilled -someone I knew! Imagine my surprise when the door opened and his son walked in!! Wasn't long before I loved him just as much as his dad, and Doc Andrew is our "usual" vet now.

Tech Chris and Dr. Ed oversee the indignities for Lawrie.
Unfortunately, I got busy with the tongue wagging, since it had been a while since I'd seen Doc Ed, and completely missed getting any shots of Trudy with him!

Lawrie doesn't hold a grudge and was soon helping me with my paperwork! Have I mentioned that this boy has bedroom eyes? Yes? Well, I just can't get over them!

And Trudy? What can I say? When she was a little tyke, she would crawl up on my chest and go to sleep while I worked, cradling her with one hand. As soon as I sat down, she was up and climbing onto my chest. She's too big to hold with one hand any more, but right off to sleep she went! Needless to say, I was practically in puddles.

The duo will be with us through Monday, so you may get to see a bit more of them, too!

On the kitten front
We've got some eye openings!!! Woohoo!! Big Package boy has both eyes fully open and Little Package boy has one eye fully open and one getting there. The girls are still closed, though

They're growing like weeds! Gains of .3-.6 oz! Very respectable. Mama is clearly doing her job well. As much as it is killing me, I'm trying to leave them alone since she is still very skittish. I checked once mid day and once for the weigh in. The box linens have only been changed once since they arrived (with other moms I did it daily). Again, I'm trying not to spook Mama. So laundry is on the agenda for tomorrow.

Mama must have really put the evil eye on me. Once again, the kitten pics did not turn out. Grrrrrr. They looked OK on the itty bitty camera screen but are blurry full size. I'll post the one that's least blurry with three of the babies. And I did a short video. It's dark, but at least you can see one of them! Tomorrow I'll try to film the weigh in!

Dark Tortie girl peers over the edge. Or at least she would if her eyes were open!! DTG's face is actually lighter than her sister's. But her back is darker, which is how I identify her when I grab in the kitten box!
So, hopefully tomorrow we'll have better kitten pics for you and maybe a weigh in video! And tomorrow and Monday I hope to catch up with visiting... gad, I am sooooo behind and miss you all!


  1. My, how Trudy and Lawry have grown! They're both absolutely gorgeous. That photo of Trudy cradled in your arm is so sweet...

  2. Trudy and Lawrie are looking great! Those little kitten mews were so sweet!!

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  3. Oops, sorry Lawrie, I didn't mean to misspell your name! Your bedroom eyes have me all flustered! :-)

  4. So wonderful to see Trudy and Lawrie...they grew up to be gorgeous kitties! Hugs to them both.

    I was thinking the surprise might be a certain elusive batchelor...wrong!

    You are so lucky to have a true family vet! Doc Andrew and his dad....great story.

    Hope you are having a relaxing Sunday with all the kits and cats! (I am simply slain by that pix of DTG 'peering' over the edge.)

  5. Such great pictures of everyone and I loved the video of the little ones! I hope your Sunday is plenty wonderful!!!

  6. Awwww wonderful LBC and her sweet kitties are gorgeous - I love hearing the babies squeaking - how cute!! Awww!!

    Hello to adorable Lawrie and Trudie!! They're looking ever so lovely!! Take care

  7. So good to see Trudy and Lawrie! Dad Ricky looks like he is doing a fine job there.

    Love the current names of the kittens snicker snicker

  8. A lovely update. We always like to catch up on kits.



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