Friday, April 1, 2011

Finally, Some Baby Pics and News

I wanted to get these up, 'cause it's been a couple of days now. I took more pics of the babies and thought I had the camera on macro, but clearly not. *sigh* Only a couple of them sorta kinda turned out. Hopefully we'll have good individual shots soon.

I weighed the babies as soon as I got home (see previous post for where I've been). Everyone is doing fine! Dark Tortie girl, 7.1 oz; Light Tortie girl, 5.8 oz; Big "Package" boy, 7.8 oz; Little "Package" boy, 6.8 oz. I'm totally amazed by these weights. Even though the little Light Tortie girl is lagging significantly behind her sibs, everyone is way above the weights of the Maples for the same day of life (4.5-5.1 oz), so I'm content they're on the right path. I'll feel better when we're weighing daily, though.

Here's a shot of the box under the bed. I raise the flap and drop the blue sheet to give them privacy. I can snag the babies without moving the box with this set up.

Momma always moves away from me, but doesn't leave the box, which is good. Grandma Jeanne calls her LBC (Little Black Cat). We'll have to work on the names this week!

Aren't they just sooooo precious????

Little Package boy in the weighing bowl.

Little Tortie girl gets her weigh in.

And I don't think I've mentioned our Annie was in the back basement when the new kids arrive and will not leave. She's always been skittish but clearly doesn't want me to pick her up right now. She loves lovin' up but skitters away when I reach to scoop her up. So, she can guard the back basement and I'll just have another stop on the loving up train for a while! LOL!

Whew... things have not slowed down. Tomorrow I have a surprise for you! (Don'tcha love cliffhangers????)


  1. The little ones are so adorable and I'm glad the Mom is there with them all the time. Hey Annie, nice to see you! Okay, I'll be back for the surprise.

  2. The tots are adorable. LBC done good!

    I am so happy you are OK! I've had a nasty cat bite also, but NOWHERE as bad as yours. Holy crappola!

  3. So sweet! Oh my stars I would be down in that room all day looking at those sweet kittens ~ fun fun!

    I look forward to your surprise tomorrow!
    xo Catherine

  4. Awwwww yay for Mum LBC and her adorable babies!!! Awwww so sweet!!

    Oooh can't wait for the surprise! Take care

  5. Wow, a double dose of torties. How fab. Hope you are feeling better!

  6. Oh, they're adorable! I can't wait to find out the kitties' names! (May I suggest "Elby" (as in LBC) for momma?)

  7. Awwwwwww! The cutest of kittens - and mama cat! Those torties have me by the heart!

    Can't wait to hear about the surprise!!! I think I may have an idea....

  8. The manes made us laugh! They are beautiful kittens!



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