Friday, April 8, 2011

Big Boy and Little Girl Weigh In & Meet Rancho J2's Tootsie

Enough of this weigh in stuff already! We're growing! We're growing!
The babies are getting soooo big! Topping the charts is Big Girl at 11.1 oz!! Big Boy follows up at 10.9, Little Boy at 10.3 and, bringing up the rear is Little Girl at 9.1 oz. All very good weights.

Here's a clip of tonight's weigh in. Again, sorry about the camera work. You've got some blurry footage toward the end. If you look, shortly after I bring Big Boy out to the carpet, you can see the almost two ounce difference between him and his sister.

Those piteous cries break my heart! I feel guilty for the daily weigh in, each and every day!

Yesterday was very hurried and I didn't get a post up, so here are some extra pics. Trudy and Lawrie are still with us since Lawrie has a little bit of tummy upset. Since Doc Ed started treating him, his dad, Ricky, and I decided they should stay here until we're sure he's past it. They'll probably head home this weekend.

Lawrie and his lingering looks...

The beauteous Ms. Trudy...

Sophie just sayin', "Hi!!!!"

And, from Rancho J2, that surprise I promised. A new kitteh turned up at the Ranch - a young man who Joy and Jim have dubbed "Tootsie." If you look closely at the photo you can see he has absolutely tiny paws. We suspect this may be a birth defect. As with the other ferals, J2 are trying to get him comfy enough to trap.
Still no Wally sighting, and Joy felt they were so close to snagging him a few weeks ago. *sigh* So many strays it just breaks your heart. But J2 keeps trying - the starfish principle - even if you can only make a difference for one...

And last, but not least, there's still time to get in on the fun of "Name Those Babies!"


  1. okay, I can't quite see those little paws. Different angle on the pic, perhaps? Love the guests, especially Trudy.

    You shouldn't feel bad about the little mews! They are really cute!

    We love how the kitties can barely move and levitate off the ground. Sort of wiggly wormy snuggles.

  2. I have officially dropped dead from all this computer was in the repair shop for many days and I had to squint on my phone to see the kittens (and I couldn't leave comments) that I see them on my large monitor, they're a million times cuter than I thought they were...

    So so so so adorable...goodness, how do you stand all this adorableness...and the squeaks...oh dear, the squeaks just kill me...

  3. The little bitties were not too crazy about getting weighed, but they sure are cute!

  4. OH their squeaks are just so adorable!! Awwww they're tiny and cute and just gorgeous!! Lovely to see them, thank you!

    Hello sweet Trudy, Lawrie and Sophie!! Good luck with Tootsie - what a gorgeous kitty with tiny paws!! Fingers crossed for Wally.

    Take care

  5. What adorable babies!!!!!!!! We are praying for them all the other fosters at your house.....that they will all find wonderfully loving homes as quickly as possible.


  6. Awwww, the little kittens are so sweet...and they are growing so fast! I had a special treat in that after the vid finished, the next one up was a weigh in for the Maples - who were at about 5 ounces then. What memories!
    Love seeing the Trudy and Lawrie and hope Lawrie is feeling better now. Special waves to Ms. Sophie, who looks so content!

    I do hope the J2 crew can entice Tootsie and Wally into better lives. Just let it happen, kitties - you will be so much happier!

  7. Oh, those babies! They're so sweet and tiny. Glad that they're growing quickly and staying healthy!

  8. Awww! So cute! :) I have had to start playing these with the sound off, because Kayla gets VERY worked up hearing the mews and starts frantically looking around and sniffing the laptop, looking to rescue the babies!

  9. Oh, they are SO darned adorable! :)

    That video of the weigh in made us smile real big.



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