Sunday, March 27, 2011

Some Fun Stuff (A Baby Pool and Sophie's LOL) and some Good PSAs

First, if you haven't met Maggie over at Love & Hisses, you should! She a pregnant momma who STILL has not birthed those babies, and Miz Robyn is running a baby pool ($5 a guess), to benefit Challenger House, on when the kittens will be born. The prize? You get to name one of the little darlings!! Go on over, have some fun, and do some good!

Also at Love & Hisses you can read about Tom, a sweet, loving, gorgeous orange tabby, six years old from Chattanooga, TN, whose furever mom crossed to the Bridge about two years ago. For a year and a half, while her kids were wrangling over the estate, he was alone in the house with someone stopping by a couple of times a week to feed him and scoop poop... and not much more. THEN he was adopted by a woman who found him TOO loving, and shut him in a bedroom for 6 months, and didn't have the sense to surrender him. Sheesh! Spread the word, folks!

And to top it all off, dear Wendy has featured Sophie in a LOL.. Our young lady needs to let it go appropriately, it seems! :-)


  1. Re: Tom...There's such a thing as a kitty being too loving??? And for that he was locked away for 6 months? Please tell us the stupid woman can be locked away for 6 months too. Sheesh is right, only our mom would choose stronger language. :-/

    -Fuzzy Tales

  2. OMG, that is so sad about Tom! How can people be so horrible? Really, what is "too loving?!"

    We will go check out Love & Hisses now.

    P.S. - that's a funny LOL, Sophie!

  3. HI It's Andy here. My Mommy posted about my brother from another Mother for you so I hope my "bubby" gets a forever home soon.

    Andy the Pookster.

  4. Oh..oh.. Tom
    sweet sweet Tom
    we wish we could adopt you
    YOU DESERVE the best my sweetie :-)

  5. Oh poor Tom, I shall tell my friends too, that is horrible for that sweeite.

  6. Me and Charlie have bet that gorgeous Mamma Maggie has her babies Sunday in the morning! LOL!! She's so ready to have those babies!!

    Poor Tom. I'm so upset to read about what's going on with him - it's so awful!! :-( We have everything crossed that he finds a wonderful home and family asap!!

    Yay for Sophie - very very funny caption!! Take care

  7. I posted about Tom on my Facebook page - that is no way to treat a nice kitty!

    BTW, thanks for buying the mousepad - that is actually one of my human's favorite photos of me!

  8. Poor Tom! I hope he is still too loving and finds a home that will properly love him too well back!

    Lovely LOL Sophie hehehe

  9. We are sending very special purrs for Tom ~ how could anyone treat such a beautiful boy that way? The woman should be locked up for six months to see how she likes it.

  10. Grrr...Tom's story makes me so mad and so sad at the same time...poor sweet can anyone complain that a kitty is too loving??? Some people really suck! Will keep praying that someone adopts him and gets him out of that awful woman's house!

    LOL at Sophie's caption :) Too funny!

  11. Your blog name by itself is already a good reason to be a fan of this blog. What an adorable place. I just signed up as a GFC follower.




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