Thursday, March 24, 2011

Majestic Mancatliness... It is I

Yes, it is I, Jasper (aka Fred Maples). CC and Waterdragon, it is edifying to know I am remembered. Good to see you all again, even though you appear to be upside down from here. You may kneel, or stand on your heads, to pay me proper homage.
(It is a secure, self-assured mancat who hugs pink, you know!)

My reign in DC has been full. My harem, small though it may be, worships me, as is my right. As you can see, my devoted servant, Doc Phyllis, has learned the time honored "face pillow" position. Training is arduous, but rewarding. She has done so well with this I am allowing my bean to train for another ride for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society this June. Yes, it is time away from me, but I'm nothing, if not magnanimous. I richly reward those who serve me well.

Kona, my fursister, did a good job beginning Phyllis' conditioning as a loyal retainer, therefore she enjoys an exalted position in my harem.

I allow Kona liberties I would grant no one else!

Yes, my wimmins... they simply revel in my mancatliness!

See you again, soon!


  1. Ha ha ha ha ha I love it! You and your wimmins, Fred/Jasper. Indeed.

    Kona looks like she is a lovely companion to you. What a sweet pair you make.

  2. Uh ... What can we say? We're all speechless!

  3. Oh my goodness, Jasper, look at you all grown up and so manly! I remember when you were itty bitty Fred and oh so adorably tiny :)

    Love love love seeing his new photos...thank you Doc Phyllis and Lisa for the update on our sweet boy :) Oh, and the photo of Kona and Jasper together...*thud*...just about died from all the cuteness :)

  4. Oh, he is such a handsome mancat! It's lovely to see them grow up to be much-loved in their forever homes.

  5. My goodness, handsome in an understatement! You're just one good looking dude, no way around that!

  6. A very manly mancat indeed! :)
    xo Catherine

  7. Jasper, you are one suave and mancatly dude! WE can see why all the wimmins luff you! :)

  8. Oh, Jasper--how could *I* ever possibly forget you? I helped to name you and your littermates when you were all just teeny balls of orange and cream fluff; things like that tend to make an impression on us hoomins, you know. And look how handsome you are now that you're all grown up--no wonder the ladies in your life adore you so!

    Many thanks to Doc Phyllis for the photos and the update--give Jasper a few extra skritches on behalf of one of his more distant admirers, ok? (Sigh... I do love me some orange kitties, although Kona is a gorgeous girl, too!)

  9. Will pass on all your affection to Jasper and Kona. Can promise more pictures and as much extra cat fur as anyone would like, choose between ginger, black or swirl.

  10. Oh wow!! Me and Charlie worship your supreme mancatliness lovely Jasper!!! You are one sizzling hot mankitty!!!! :-) Take care

  11. How wonderful to see Jasper (Fred) again! I remember LOLing him as a tiny kitten. He certainly has grown into a handsome mancat -- just gorgeous! But then I'm a nut for a ginger tabby.

    Just thought I'd tell you that Sophie's on the LOLSpot today.

  12. Oh Jasper, you are sooooo handsome!!! Your wimmin folk are veery very lucky :)

  13. i knew it was a weasley twin! er, a maples!



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