Monday, November 15, 2010

We're alive... but little Ollie is still hurting... can you help?

Hi folks. Yes, we're still alive here - I've got auditors at work (this is normal, not a bad thing, but intense) and Winnie is still not doing too well, so lots of time is being spent with her. I know I've sorely neglected the blog, and visiting my friends, but life is in the way right now. Hugs to everyone - I do miss being part of our little community! Fortunately, life goes in cycles, so we will be back... hopefully sooner, rather than later.

Cynthia sent us a sad email so I've grabbed a couple of minutes to put this post up. Little Ollie still has not had his second surgery, because Max's House has not been able to raise enough funds. From Cynthia:

Please forward this to all of your animal-loving friends. I know everyone's budget is pushed to the limit right now but if you can spare even a small donation to them, please make it - the smaller donations add up also and help out. If you can't donate, then please help by forwarding this on so a ton of people will get it and help out if they can.

I had emailed Max's a while back when I first heard about Fran & Ollie, hoping that when the time came, they would be adopted together. They reassured me when they both were healed and ready to go to forever homes that they would be going together - they are a very bonded pair who depend upon each other.

Ollie Needs Your Help

Sadly, we still haven't been able raise all the money to pay for Ollie's surgeries.

Ollie cannot have his second surgery until the remaining balance is paid and we must be able to pay at least half of the cost of the second surgery up front before the surgeon will perform the second surgery. Because of all the kittens we've rescued this kitten season, and all the abandoned, surrendered, and "foreclosure pets" we have rescued from certain death in municipal kill-shelters, most of which need medical care, our medical fund is exhausted and our credit is overextended. We desperately need your help to get Ollie the surgery he needs to repair his eyelids. Any amount you can afford will help a great deal and will be deeply appreciated.

On behalf of sweet little Fran and Ollie, thank you from the bottom of our hearts.


  1. Poor Ollie. We so hope he is able to get his surgery soon. Purrs and tail wags for him.

  2. I am sending lots of purrs for Winnie and for sweet Ollie. I pray that the money for Ollie will come soon.

  3. We wish with all our hearts we could help little Ollie ~ he so deserves the surgery. We are so sorry we have no money to spare ... but we will pray and purr for funds to help Ollie.

  4. Okay..I just made a donation and I am going to try to post it on my blog here ..failing that I will do it from the House.


    Love and Hugs


  5. Just made a donation to help Ollie. I hope Winnie will soon feel better

  6. What a terrible situation for Max's House and for sweet Ollie!!! Me and Charlie hope the funds are raised to help with his surgery. I only wish the vets would just do the potentially life saving surgery first as a matter of priority and ethics and quibble about the monies later. :-( Very sad.

    Take care

  7. *purring for funds for Ollie* wishing we could halps, green papers is super tight right now... but when we has a little extra we will donate.

  8. We are purring and praying for Ollie, and that lots of money will come in soon...

  9. OK, some green papers are on their way to Ollie. :) Keep us updated on how close they are to their goal!

  10. I also sent a few green papers to Ollie. Poor little guy...

  11. Sundown & I (and the horde) are sending a little something to Ollie. We have a soft spot for kitties with eye problems.

    Purrs and Hugs to Miss Winnie ... we're so sorry to hear she's still not feeling well.

    (And I hope the auditors go away happy and let you have your life back soon - I'm so glad I no longer have a job where I have to deal with their sort anymore!)

  12. Just donated a little bit to sweet little Ollie and posted his story on my Facebook. I'll be praying for him and Winnie!

  13. Ollie

    I've just been informed that Ollie will not need another surgery. There has
    been a very big misunderstanding and miscommunication. If you would like
    your donation returned, please let me know and I'll be happy to issue a
    refund. I'm very sorry for this misunderstanding and inconvenience.

    Thank you for your extraordinary compassion, generosity and kindness.

    Our very best wishes,

    Max's House

  14. We just donated to Ollie's surgery, then read the great news that he won't need another surgery!

    The money is well spent for the next kitty in need.

  15. Yes! I just got the wonderful news by email, too. There is a new picture of Ollie up at

    He really has improved so much! i hope he and Fran will be adopted soon!

    Thank you, Max's House, for offering to refund contributions, but for me as well, the money should go to the next kitty in need.

  16. hugs to you and winnie. and it's killing me to not be able to donate anything to causes like ollie's. i'm jobless after next week. soon though, soon...

  17. To everyone who donated to Ollie's fund, I thought you would be happy to know your donation was used to help pay for a life-saving surgery for a cat that would have otherwise died in another month or two. She had surgery just before Christmas and is now recovering

    I hope knowing you gave the gift of life to a wonderful cat fills your heart with joy.

    Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts.

    Best wishes to you and your furry loved ones for a happy and healthy New

    Max's House



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