Monday, October 18, 2010

Yet More Progress & Meet Fran and Ollie

A quick report on Sophie from Peggy Sue:

OK, OK already! I let her sleep with me. Don't go making a federal case out of it! I guess she's not that bad. But hey, these young ones don't appreciate being part of the pride unless they have to earn it!

Meet Fran & Ollie

Cynthia, Grey's kitteh sitter extraodinaire, let us know about a sweet set of siblings. Brother Ollie has the same condition, eyelid agenesis, as our friend Robyn's precious True Blood gang over at Love and Hisses had. His sis, Fran, has another condition, distichiasis, excessive eyelashes, curving in to the eye. Both conditions can lead to permanent blindness.

Before surgery, they were so miserable, with Ollie unable to even close his eyes.
Here are shots of the two of them, after surgery:
Fran's condition is completely repaired! Yay!
Ollie is looking much better but will need more surgery. That's where you come in, if your circumstances will allow.

Fran and Ollie's shelter, Max's House spent their entire medical fund to pay for surgeries so these two darling babies would not lose their eyesight. Ollie will need another operation to complete the reconstruction of his eyelids and Max's House still owes some on the initial surgeries. Go on over and read the whole story. And, if you can, send a few green papers their way. Just a little from many can make a huge difference. Max's House sure made a big difference in the lives of this pair!


  1. Poor babies! We're glad Fran's surgery was successful and are sending mega-purrs and healing Light to Ollie.

  2. We are sending lots of purrs to sweet little Ollie, and I've passed the info on to my pals as well.

  3. Oh poor babies. We are so glad Fran is doing well ~ and hope little Ollie can be helped too. We are sending healing purrs.

  4. Visited, donated, and hoping others can do the same!

  5. Thanks for telling us about them - right now we can only send them some healing purrs and prayers but hopefully soon we can contribute a bit!

  6. I also visited their site and donated. Hope Ollie's 2nd surgery is a success and that he and his sister are adpted into a loving home.

  7. Those poor kitties, they really look like they were uncomfortable. We've got some big expenses coming up in the next few weeks but I went by and donated what we could spare--best wishes to Fran and Ollie and all the humans who are helping to take care of them!

  8. Oh sweet little much like the little Truebloods...we'll be sending purrs their way and hope that they find a wonderful forever home soon.

  9. We have just been informed that Ollie will not need a second surgery. There has been a very big misunderstanding and miscommunication between some of the people involved. If anyone who made a donation towards Ollie's second surgery would like their donation returned, please let us know and we'll be happy to issue a refund.

    We're very sorry for this misunderstanding and inconvenience and thank you for your kindness and understanding.

    Max's House.



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