Wednesday, October 6, 2010

We've Gone Pink!

Hi folks! First of all, thanks so much for zipping over to lend Dawn your support after she lost little Walden. She really appreciated it and is back to her spunky self again, lavishing love on Mavis, Emberly, Holden, Nashua and North.

I'm feeling like a terrible blogger. Again! Knee deep in year end closing and the fun (the close, the audit and all that... yeah, I'm a bean counter) will be going on through November. *sigh* But I'll try to slip in and let you know what's going on with our fosters. I'm getting in a few visits a day but, since I can't make the full rounds, I'm trying to keep up with everyone on Reader.

First of all, Sonia reports that Justice is still making progress, albeit slowly. Last week one of her males, Merlson, sneaked into Justice's digs and spent the night with him.... and NOTHING happened. This is very, very good! She's talking about leaving the door open when she can supervise and seeing how it goes. She's betting part of Justice being a bit cranky is that he's lonely.

I'm encouraging Amy and Ann to give us some more shots and stories on their fosters, K2 and Spanky (hey, they are busy, too!). But I do have enough for a Spanky post, so that will be coming this weekend!

And finally, I was just visiting the Cats of Wildcat Woods today and they've gone pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Since we're an all female household, we figured we could do no less. (It's just the General Population - Winnie, Annie, Bitty and Peggy Sue - and me right now - have I mentioned the house feels empty... LOL!). So we'll have occasional posts on Breast Cancer Awareness during October and the pink is here to remind folks all month long.


  1. Thanks for the updates! Don't feel guilty ... we understand that you are busy, and we will see you when things calm down a bit! :) Purrs and nosetaps.

  2. Love the Pink! A very good reminder to get the boobettes checked out! :)

    Happy day!
    xo Catherine

  3. I sure am glad that Justice is making some progress, even if it is slow. Hey, you look good in pink!

  4. The pink suits you well! :) It sounds like great progress for Justice. The baby steps at the start can be the hardest to make.

  5. Well done for going PINK for Breast Cance Awareness ~ we are doing a PINK post tomorrow ~ 'cos Men can get breast cancer too. And we want to offer our support.

    Milo and Alfie xx

  6. We understand being overwhelmed! Glad you gave us an update today. Sounds like all is well.

  7. Your blog looks PURRific!

  8. Love the pink baby girl..I've been a bad blogger too..the last of the Godson is getting married Saturday...HUGE wedding..the cajun/hispanic variety...can we say PAR TAY ?

    I'll get it back in gear next week.

    Love and Purrs to all

    Aunty Pol

  9. Pretty new coat of paint! And yay for the developments with Justice. Companionship is a nice thing to have.

  10. Great job with the pink! We appreciate all you do for the cats - it can be overwhelming at times. Take a break and we will all still be here.

  11. Love the PINK!

    So happy that Justice is making progress...even little bits and pieces add up in the end :)

    Hugs from me and the boys! Hope you manage to get some rest in the middle of all the crazy work stuff.



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