Friday, October 8, 2010

Perfect for October

So who are these beautiful darlin's, just so perfect for the season? OK, they're not ours! Still a bit hectic here at the Casa so, when we saw the Cats of Wildcat Woods call for a little help to spread the word that these two are looking for furever homes, we jumped on it! How about it friends? Want to let your friends, especially those in and around NC know there are two wonderful critters, jut itching to fill their homes with love? I knew you would!!


  1. Awww me and Charlie saw these beauties over at Cats of Wildcat Woods too and wish that they'll find forever homes cos they're just perfect! Take care

  2. Thanks for the repost - anytime you want just grab a post! I never thought of thse colors being purrfect for October!

  3. Forgot to say - Avon is still needing a home - thanks for keeping her pic and info on the blog.

  4. They are totally adorable, purrfect for anytime!



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