Sunday, October 31, 2010

Texas Kitteh Needs To Rule Alone

Metz Darling wrote to us about a friend of hers, Brinn, and her furbabe, Sheba. Sheba loves her two legged subjects lavishly. Inexplicably, her majesty began torturing her furblings. Brinn has tried everything she knows to help Sheba but, sadly, nothing has worked and everyone is quite miserable. It's tearing her apart and Brinn has come to the difficult decision to rehome Sheba, both for Sheba's quality of life and that of her other furkids. You can read Sheba's whole story, and get to know her, over at Metz Darling.

Wisely, Brinn is spreading the word through our intertubes community... as we are folks likely to understand a kitteh with special needs and special love. So please, spread the word!

On the Home Front

I know it's been a while since the last post and I haven't been visiting (I miss you! But there aren't enough hours in the day right now!). Lotsa work - auditors arrive next week - and kitteh illness have kept me busy lately. Our matriarch, Winnie, has been diagnosed as hyperthyroid. Unfortunately, the pills made her throw up and the transdermal meds aren't quite right yet. She's taken to peeing and pooing inappropriately (and often!) - clearly to tell me she's not well. (I know, my honey, I know! We're trying!!) So, my focus has been on her - she's 16 and I've got that bit of fear since she's not responding to the meds as she should and she's still losing weight.

Sophie has been Winnie's companion during the day, since Win needs to be confined to an area she can't hurt with poo or pee when I'm not home. For some reason Win is good when I'm around and awake. The girls spend the night in the bedroom with me at night and, so far, Win has been good there, too. (But if she's allowed the run of the house at night, I wake up to a mess.)

Of course Annie, Bitty and Peggy Sue need extra attention, what with all the focus on Winnie and being banned from the bedroom at night. *sigh* I'm sure some of you may have experienced this side effect of an illness in the house - when one furbabe is getting extra attention, everyone else needs to be reassured they are loved, too.

Sophie is an accepted part of the household now and I need to start trying to get her out there as soon as things calm down. Frankly, the little one cuddling up with me, in that trusting, undemanding way that kittens have, has been a comfort and I'm getting attached. I'm conflicted... I can't keep every kitteh that passes through the doors but little Sophie is worming her way into my heart.


  1. Oh thank you SO much for sharing Sheba's story!

    I am so sorry to hear about Winnie. ((HUGS)) and ((HEALING THOUGHTS)) to her and you.

  2. We send our healing thoughts and purrs to Winnie too! And yes, your situation with Sophie is a 'danger' of fostering and why I have yet to start down that noble path.

    Hugs ton you, Lisa, for what you do!

  3. We so admire what you do and appreciate how hard it is. We just know wfurrythig will work out OK in the end. Purrs.

  4. My Toby is probably getting ready to go down the hyperthyroid path. He's only 11. I won't know until we do another blood test in 6 months because his last test was in the normal range, but I think it's coming.

  5. Annie was diagnosed last year, at 9, with hyper-t. She's on transdermal methimazole, only took a bit of tweaking over a handful of months to get the right dose, though she's due for her 6-month T4 check at the end of the month.

    Is Winnie a candidate for the I-131 treatment? If her kidneys are liver are good, it's something to consider. Annie would be okay to have it, but finances and geography are a factor -- no one in my area does it, would have to travel (no car) and would have to leave her for 7 to 10 days (Canadian regulation, though US regulations vary widely as to the time the cat must stay in quarantine at the clinic).

    As for Sophie...well, we all think it would be nice if yours was her forever home! :-)

    Lots of purrs and Light to all!

  6. We sure will be sending purrs to sweet Winnie and I hope that all is able to work out for Sheba too.

  7. My best thoughts go out to Sheba (for a new home) and Winnie (for good health). And to you, Lisa! You do such wonderful things for these babies.

    I understand how they worm their way into your heart. One minute you are resolutely saying that your personal limit of purrmanent residents is ___ (whatever number--mine is two, financially, and space-wise) and then one of those little fosters makes you fall in love.

  8. Poor Winnie and Lisa! (And poor Sheba and Brinn, too!) I feel for all of you! We have that whole "I don't feel good and I just wet myself and what's going ON, Mom???" thing going on at our house again, too. (BAK's diabetes is back, along with all the side effects.)

    Best wishes to everybody, and lots of hugs and purrs to Winnie.

  9. Oh poor little's so sad when one of our babies isn't feeling so well, but I hope that you and your vet will find the right dose of meds for her and she'll feel better soon...I know the meds for hyperthyroidism need a lot of tweaking before the right dose is found for each kitty, and we'll keep sending hugs and purrs to you and your crew and especially our sweet Winnie and hope that she feels back to normal soon.

    I totally get your dilemma with Sophie...Gambino was supposed to be our foster cat when we first brought him home but within 30 seconds, my husband said "you know he's NOT going anywhere...this is his home" and that was the end of our very short fostering career since neither one of us can give up a kitty once they cross our threshold :) You are an angel for all you do for these kitties and I know you'll make the right decision for sweet Sophie.

    We'll also be purring for Sheba to find a new home...and sending hugs to Brinn as well.

  10. Poor Winnie--I will be thinking good thoughts for her. And I also just finished emailing two net-friends of mine who live in the Houston area about Sheba; I don't think either of them would want a cat themselves (one household has dogs and the other lady travels a lot) but maybe they will have a friend or family member in the area who could give her a good home; fingers crossed!

  11. Hugs all around, Lisa! I am hoping the meds get adjusted to suit sweet Winnie soon. And I can understand your attachment to little Sophie....bless her for keeping Winnie company.

    I have a few friends in Texas that I can email as well. If all of us just do something, I know the magic will happen and Sheba will find a new home.

    Thank you for all you do for the animals, Lisa! Wishing you clear sailing through the busy time at work!

  12. Thank you again everyone for trying to help! We haven't had anyone express interest yet, but we're still holding out hope.
    If you have someone who might be interested you can have them email me at metztree @ hotmail
    Thank you one and all!



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