Sunday, September 19, 2010

We interrupt our regularly scheduled programing to remind you... release your inner pirate today! Enjoy! So many ways to celebrate, so little time!

Now war be me fuzzy mates? Time we be castin' off fer some adventure!

Malware Alert - 9/19, 2pm:
Hey mateys! I've been visiting friends and have received a number of warnings from the Google Chrome browser saying the blog I'm trying to visit "contains elements from the site, which appears to host malware."

Don't know if Google is being overly cautious (see detailed warning) or if we really need to worry... these started cropping up a couple of days ago. I don't click through. If it appears for your blog, I'll try to email you, but a couple of the email links on profiles haven't worked. :-( Scurvy swabs! They be messin' with our MLAP day!


  1. Happy Meow Like A Pirate Day!

  2. I hope your Meow Like A Pirate Day is full of treasures!

  3. meYARRR! we be proud t'sail wif ye this day!!

  4. I am sooo stealing that Kitty Pirate avatar for my blog..



    Bloody Aunty Pol...Arrrrrrr

  5. Blimey for all ye bloggin' problems - the vill'n will walk the plank for sure! Arrr!

  6. The scurvy dogs!! Me and Cap'n Charlie are sure to make these malware rats walk t'plank!!! Boooo to malware!!!!

    p.s. it always pays to be very cautious with even the slightest threat of a virus infected programme.
    Take care



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