Saturday, September 18, 2010

Let's Get Our Rears In Gear!! Time to Make a Difference For Less-Adoptable Critters!

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Starting tomorrow, it's Adopt a Less Adoptable Pet Week. I saw this on a few blogs* and it really touched something in me... imagine, if we ALL blog, tweet, facebook and email our friends this coming week, how much awareness we'll raise!

And guys, you've done it already!! Remember, you helped find a home for Murph, who definitely was a "less adoptable" pet! Our friend kittykye found a loving home for her precious CH kittens, Wesley and El, and many of you helped put the word out all over the intertubes for them. There are so many stories like this in the critter blogosphere and many of you have been directly or indirectly involved in finding wonderful matches for "less adoptable" critters!!

And there are folks who work all the time to find special needs pets like Mary at Almost Perfect Pets.

Is it close to home for Space Paws? You bet!! Grey, our gentle giant, had FIV and we had not one single person interested in adopting him. Too bad! They missed out on moments like the headbutt king, the Romeo and the utimate contented kitteh!

Sadly, all "less adoptable" situations are not a result of age or illness or accident. Right here in Charm City there is rising concern about animal abuse. Our friend Skeltor let us know about Jimmy D... and both are sweet tempered woffies who have suffered unbelievable horrors and stayed loving... but need a special someone to understand that the care they give will be multiplied many times in love returned!

Right now, Space Paws has Justice. A gorgeous tuxie, not young, with a manageable illness, whose personality is not at its best right now because of fear and that chronic illness. Are there folks out there willing to give love and get love from these special animals? You bet! We just need to bring them together!! So crank up your inner "Mad Man" and help get the word out. Or, if you're not feeling creative, just go on over to Petfinders and grab a badge to put on your blog or social networking page.

We can do it, folks! In Aunty's immortal words.... LET'S ROCK THIS!

* I don't remember whose blog I first read about this on (whoever you are, thank you!). I remember they said they found out from Sparkle!

3 pm update: Sparkle pointed us to the BlogPaws Challenge on facebook. It's got resources for participating, including a template for writers block and links to special adoptable-challenged (how's that for being PC) pets to feature in your own post!!

And PS... I'm going to get to visit Sophie!! Squeeee! Can't wait!


  1. Finding homes for less-adoptable pets is such a great cause, and I'm glad the people at BlogPaws gave us this challenge! I already have plans to take part in this!

  2. Thanks Sparkle!! I loved your "what are you going to do" idea... interviewing a less than adoptable pet each day!

    And folks, the BlogPaws facebook page on the challenge has resources if you have writers block... template entries! Woohoo! Just follow Mr. Linky:

  3. The "less adoptable" are usually the best and the most loving! Yes, let's all help everyone else see that!

  4. We got started early but will be posting all week to help less adoptable pets!

  5. That's a great cause! We were less adoptable because of our age and Baby being so scared that she acted feral. Our mom saw beyond all that.

  6. Oh hella yeah..

    " Lets Rock This "

    Posted the widgit and the link to here.


    Aunty Pol



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