Sunday, September 26, 2010

I Am Justice - Hear Me Roar!

Sonia got us a shot of Justice so you can finally meet him! Yay!! And I just had to laugh!

The laser eyes! The awesome wiskers! The Roar!
Actually, that's a yawn - Sonia reports he's not a morning cat.

Well our big guy has taken his meds and is over his UTI. All report are that he's not missed the litter pan once and is (very) slowly starting to mellow. Sonia will keep working with him - poor guy still doesn't quite understand why he's not in his home of 12 years. Don't worry, honey, Ellie Mae... errr... Sonia... is just the best. Relax and let her bring out the best in you!!


  1. Oh my, Justice is so handsome! Poor boy has got to be confused but I'm sure she can explain it and he will eventually understand. Those are some powerful lasers!

  2. Considering all he has been through, and that he's 12 years old, it's no wonder that it is taking Justice a while to adjust. But I'm sure it will happen in time.

  3. That is an awesome, fearsome photo! Hehehe... Lovely photo. Glad he is calming down.

    Oh, check your email, I have info about pottery for you!

  4. We love that shot, too funny! Poor sweetie...he'll settle in and be fine, we're sure!

  5. Awwww ... gorjuss pic.

    We hope yoo can manage to visit us today for our special post!

  6. We're sending Justice (and Sonia!) many purrs. We are glad he's feeling better, and hope he comes to feel at home very soon.

  7. WOW~!!! Now that's a PURRfect picture to use for Halloween!!! Glad the meds helped!

  8. What an awesome beast! Glad to know this was not a display of aggression!

  9. Hello there magnificent and beautiful Justice!!! Me and Charlie are so glad you are getting better - we hope that you'll settle down soon!

    Take care



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