Monday, September 27, 2010

Blatent Post Stealing Going On!! But It's All Good: LiveStrong and Movember!

Milo and Alfie, I hope you and your mom don't mind!! You did such an awesome post, I'm just going to send folks right over to you!!!

Our friends over at The Cat's Meow have been promoting LiveStrong for weeks'n'weeks'weeks... And they do a bang up job explaining why you should, too! Plus you get to decorate your blog with the neato keen yellow badge you see to the right while you are raising cancer awareness!

And today, Milo and Alfie stunned us by coming up with a great way for our furkids to support Movember!! Our nephew let us know about it and will sport a scraggly upper lip to get discussion going about men's health... especially the cancers that affect men!

Are the boys dashing or what?? And the girls can join in, too! So, scoot on over and read all about it at the Cat's Meow!


  1. I see what you mean, they sure took this one!

  2. LOL! I'd accidentally posted after entering the title!! Thought I could finish the post before anyone popped over, but Brian was too fast for us! :-) What are the odds the title would be perfect for an empty post!

  3. Harley would look ridiculously cute with a moustache. Hmmm...

  4. We are SO pleased yoo like our MANLY moustaches! Fanks!

  5. Oh my, those are some very manly mustaches!

    My 13 year old goddaughter lost her battle with cancer this summer (diagnosed at age 1), but she "Lived Strong" every single day of her short life!

  6. Oh I linked over and then,,,it's a bit tough for me right now's only been 4 months since my mother in law passed from a number of cancer /heart issues. It's a long , lonely , brave road...




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