Sunday, August 8, 2010

Two ladies in need of a home &, at long last, the Sophie video!

Wow! Has it really been the better part of a week since I posted??? Unbelievable! Thanks for bearing with us, folks!

First, from Grey's former cat sitter, Cynthia, we have news of two ladies who really need a home! ASAP!

Dora and Sassafrass are two of the most cuddly and loveable girls you will ever meet. They are 5 yr. old, tabby-tiger sisters (real siblings) in good health who love life, love to play (love the laser and wands!) and watch the birds from their high cat perches. They are both snuggle-bears - And... they need a new forever home.

With a 2 yr. old already in residence and the recent addition of new twins, unfortunately, Dora feels that her territory has gotten too small and she has started marking in her current house. She has had a full vet check-up run and nothing negative was found health-wise. It seems this is all a behaviorial situation for her and she just needs less chaos and more "personal" space. She is the more gentle and sensitive of the two girls - Sassafrass is more of the Tomboy. Sass has no issues at all with the current situation but they have to stay together as they are very bonded with one another.

I know these girls personally and adore them - they snuggle up beside me on the sofa and love to get rubs and massages. They love chasing fur mice and can be very active and are really great, furry souls. They love attention and really interact with you. It breaks my heart that I can't adopt them personally as I've often said how much fun they would be in my house when I've been visiting with them. Unfortunately, I'm full-up right now.

They eat Wellness canned food and some dry and have good litter box habits under normal circumstances. In the few years prior to the current incidents (just started a few months ago) when I sat for them, there were never any issues with going outside the box - ever.

They need a new home with more space and less "busy-ness" going on and I think it will solve the "Dora Dilemma" very quickly. They are not used to other cats or dogs and very small children would not be a great idea. They need a home where they can have some space, peace and tons of loving attention and things will be peachy again in their world.

Do you have a loving home for them or know someone who might? If so, please forward this to any friends or family that may have interest. These are "no-hassle" girls. They are young adults who still have much joie de vivre and love to give to you! Please contact Emily at MTUEmily [at] gmail [dot] com.

Many thanks for passing this along to anyone and everyone you know...... the girls are located in Abingdon, Maryland but can travel for the right home.


Sassafrass (first) and Dora (second)

Our Miss Sophie

I have no idea why this video wouldn't upload... repeatedly. It's woefully out of date, having been recorded on 7/26, when Sophie was first introduced to the gang. Fortunately I can report that she, Trudy and Lawrie are getting along great, romping and playing and the worst of the sloppy poop is behind us!! :-) So, without further ado, meet Sophie, in action:

So, tomorrow, more about what the babies have been up to. Excuse me... make that the young ladies and young gentleman!


  1. The gerls are adorable and they deserve to find a very happy forever home soon. Purrs.

  2. Dora and Sassafrass are beautiful. I will spread the word far and wide and urge others to do the same - we have all seen the wonders the KittyBlogosphere has accomplished in the past. Let's find a home for these girls!

    And Sophie is gorgeous-the video was well worth waiting for.

    I hope the renovations wrap up soon! I am sure you and the kitties can't wait!

  3. I sure hope those sweeties find the purrfect place really soon! Oh my, Sophie is sure a cutie!!!

  4. We're sending lots of purrs for Dora and Sassafrass to find just the right home. They are gorgeous cats - and so is the lovely Miss Sophie!

  5. Oh we are sending lots of purrs and crossing our fingers and paws that Dora and Sassafrass find a good forever home soon!

    And that video was great!!

  6. We are purraying furry hard that those two beautiful girls find their furrever home furry soon! And the video is just too cute!

  7. Dear Cat Wonder Woman, You have done so much and are still doing for 2 of the cats I helped to find you: Lucy and Jerry. Any new news on Jerry? The last photos I can find are fom March & he was doing great. Lucy has really come around thanks to you. Any updates on these 2 will be appreciated. Jeanne



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