Monday, August 9, 2010

Lawrie got LOLed again!!

Talk about mixed metaFURS!

Wonderful Wendy is was at it again last week. She put this LOL up on 8/5. As you might have surmised from the lack of posts, I've been buried (work, church, friends, family). But that doesn't mean we weren't thrilled when it came out... and kinda are getting a twofer since revisiting it is giving us just as much of a kick as the first time! If you're not already a regular Wendy's LOL Spot visitor, go check it out!

Update on the kids

Two weeks from Thursday all of the babies are becoming responsible man and lady cats. My, but they are growing like weeds! Trudy and Lawrie are getting "leggy," and I swear Sophie has doubled in size since I got her (even though she's still tiny).

The little ones have all become friends and are driving poor Grey out of his mind now that they've figured out he's all growl and no bite. They cavort and don't care if they careen into him. They chase his tail. They muscle in on his chow. They ignore his growls. And Lawrie dogs his every step... somehow I think he knows Grey will show him what being a mancat is all about.

For his part, Grey is very vocally unhappy when the kids invade his space... lots of growls and, if they get close enough, swats, but I've never once seen the claws come out. The kids just roll over and do the submissive thing when he swats and he leaves them alone. I think he knows they're just whippersnappers. ;-)

This and That

Unfortunately, it looks like it'll be a few more weeks before I can get back to visiting. But at least we got posts up two days in a row! That's an improvement and I'll take it at this point!!

Tomorrow, a special feature... Patrick sent us another Gus video and it is a complete stitch!! And, please, if you haven't already, pass the word about Dora and Sassafras!!


  1. Good to "see" you! Hope things calm down soon, and when they do, hopefully I'll have some pics of the Peanuts Gang as they go out on the adoption market at PetCo. I haven't seen them but I've heard they are thriving and getting HUGE.

    I miss them. :(

  2. Love that LOL, very talented!!!

  3. That is a great LOL!

    And poor Grey - we have that same thing here - little ones always bugging the older ones!

  4. Poor sweet Grey...those kittens can be quite a handful ;) Bet he feels just like I feel after we have our nieces come visit :)

    Missed you and your furkids...have a lot of catching up to do but glad to hear all's well at Casa Space Paws :)



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