Thursday, August 12, 2010


We didn't do anything. Sadly, we haven't even had enough time to visit our friends. Nothing.

And what shows up on our doorstep from Angie, over at Wee Furries?

Squeeeee!!!! Thank you Angie!!!! The kittens love the toys and I loved the Mary Kay!

And then I went to get a soda and all heck broke loose!!! LOL!

Happy tears from the bean, and happy play from the babies! Angie, you rock! Thank you, thank you!


  1. Jan is soooo glad that happened at your house and not ours. She has a time keeping packing popcorn away from us. We love it.

  2. This DID make me smile. What a lovely person Angie is and the FUN they have with this stuff (and that's before the toys - right??!!)

  3. Oh dear...Is Sophies tailio a tad poofy or is that her natural state ?

    Cream cheese frosting and 7 are officially making me nuts trying to figure out how to do that one !


    Kiss the babies for me.


    Aunty Pol

  4. Thanks for sharing those, that really makes a great start to the weekend!

  5. Aunty, that is Sophie's tail's natural state. Long and thick and floofy. When she does get bottle brush tail, it is wider than she is, LOL!

  6. Wow that is an awesome package! And well, that whole aftermath is why I really hate packing peanuts - I have to get them out of the house almost immediately or they are everywhere!

  7. lol omg SORRY about the peanuts!!! i get them from mk. i can't wait to see videos of the thing in a bag!! and i hope the eyeballs are as big of a hit there as they are here. :D

    you are so welcome! you deserve so much more. :)


  8. Oh nothing more fun than a box full of goodies...cracked up at the aftermath :) I know, it's funnier when it's not in my house ;)

  9. LOL! Was that the kittens first experience with catnip?



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