Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Lawrence Meets Zimmer... Friends to be?

Hi folks! Things are still cranking at the Casa... kitten lovin', visitor lovin' and General Population lovin' (plus, you know, the job at the 'tute and all) are just more than I anticipated!! Can't wait until next week when I should have some time to get back to visiting and regular postings.

In the meantime, here's a quick one of Zimmer (our former Percy, who is visiting) and Lawrence. Little Lawrie zipped into the back room when I went in to visit with Kayla and Zimmer - who now have the new kitchen/dining room, as well as the front basement. I'm holding out some pretty high hopes of friendly interaction in the coming days. Lawrie is fearless, just like Zimmer was, back in the day!


  1. So is Percy/Zimmer just over for summer camp (while Zimmer's humans are away from the home)?

    Our boys occasionally go back for summer camp too. Our oldest boy isn't happy about trying to figure out where he fits in the pecking order- since there are usually 9-10 cats in the "summer camp" home, plus our two.

  2. gorgeous floor!!

    i have some goodies to send you, but i'm leaving for europe friday and don't have time to pack them up before then. hey, maybe i'll find something fun over there!! ;)

  3. That does look promising! Zimmer has gorgeous long eyelashes--the envy of every ladycat, we're sure. :-)

    And Lawrie is just the cutest!

    P.S. The floor looks fantastic!!!

  4. Lawrie is very brave and we are VERY impressed!

  5. The floor is super shiny!! Excellent! Lawrie is just so adorable and yes, fearless!!Zimmer is gorgeous isn't he?

    Great clip!

    Take care

  6. Awwww, that is adorable. Little Lawrie is getting big! and darling Zimmer, what a handsome mancat :D

  7. Oh sweet brave little Lawrie...I remember when Zimmer was "itty bitty Percy" and now look at him, all grown up and handsome :)

    Love all the new happenings at Casa Space Paws...been insanely busy lately but I do sneak in for a quick visit even if I don't always have time to comment...hugs & purrs to you and your crew!

    BTW, the floor looks gorgeous!

  8. Oh yea, they have potential to be friends...fur sure!

  9. I am lucky enough to be seeing updates from Murph's new mom on the knitting website we both belong to - here are links to her two new photos of Murph - she made him a little sweater because he had to get shaved to fix his grooming malfunction. Isn't he funny? Sounds like he's doing well. Don't know if it'll let me put links into a comment or not.

  10. Awww-of course Zimmer and Lawry will be pals - they have growing up at the loving Casa in common!

    BTW - the kitchen is looking great. Bet you can't wait until all is back to 'normal'!

    CatonsvilleCats - thanks for the Murph update - heading over there now!

  11. Just a note about the link to the pictures of Murph - to capture the entire URL you may need to block it through to the next line then cut and paste it into your browser. Each one should end with the suffix .jpg

    The pictures are adorable and Murph looks happy. I wish Murph's mom had been around last summer when I was fostering a kitten who had an abcess on her side. I had to wash her every day and then wrap the wound - very tricky with a squirming kitten no matter how good she was trying to be. An adaptation of Murph's 'sweater' would have been a great alternative! CC, please pass along my compliments!

  12. OH, and here is a link (I hope) to Pati's flickr with all her Murph photos.

    I just right-clicked on the photos as she posted them and grabbed the location and I thought they did end with .jpg, who knows what blogger did to them...

  13. Encouraging indeed! Lawrence has such a sweet face -- love the close-up shot!

  14. Hi, I'm hitting all the kitty blogs trying gather some advice. We found a kitten near our house, I've posted about him here:
    We're taking him to the vet tomorrow but because I know these things can turn from ok to BAD real quick so I just want to make sure I'm watching for the right things tonight.
    Thanks for any help you can give. :-)

  15. Fearless is right! It looks to me like there is lots of potential for friendship. :)

  16. It seems they got along good. I think that gonna be a good friendship.



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