Sunday, June 13, 2010

Just a couple of pics of the little ones

Things are calming down a bit at the Casa. Marley went home late Saturday afternoon and the gang is chilling a bit. They've figured out the basement dwellers aren't coming up and, of course, I'm still in an up'n'down mode, visiting Kayla and Zimmer (Aggie and Percy). The split population is sucking up a good bit of time, as you may have surmised by the intermittent posting.

Good news is the General Population is starting to relax around the little ones even if Winifred is the only one who actually does any mothering. We'll see if that changes for the friendlier now that the guest population is down. Oh, and now that the kitchen/dining area is open for exploration and window sill sitting. It isn't completely done, but it is past the danger point. We don't have countertops yet, but there's plywood covering the cabinet bases so we don't have any "oops" maneuvers!

The babies' constant antics are a joy, even if my hands and legs are starting to look like AAA road maps... dang those little claws are sharp! They love hopping in and out of the cat beds and, as you can see, the little kitteh cave Franca sent over to us is a major hit. I haven't had the camera handy when they've been in it together, but it is a darling sight to behold.

Hope to get back to visiting soon... I miss you guys a LOT!


  1. Awwwww what sweeties!! They're really growing up fast and are so so so adorable! Glad to hear the other kitties are getting used to them a little bit.

    Thanks for sharing.
    Take care

  2. That little one with the white face looks just like Barney the kitten who's at Petsmart right now.

  3. Wonderful pictures of the babies. I'm glad things are settling down, at least a bit. :-)

  4. They are so cute, and I am so happy they are starting to settle in a bit!

  5. They are just SOOOOO super cute!

  6. Nothing cuter than a kitten :-)

    This is why I have 6 cats, damn kitten lure.



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