Saturday, June 26, 2010

Just a couple of shots from the last week

It's been great to have a ton of time with the kittehs this vacation week. So I have lots of great content for the blog, right? Nope!

Did something really radical... I've been luxuriating in just being with them. Playing, napping, petting while they relaxed on my lap and I read. Did I mention napping? No running around looking for the flashy box. In other words, really taking a vacation! And, as you may have noticed, I mostly "unplugged," too.

We've got 9 right now... my 4, 3 fosters and 2 for summer camp. Kayla and Zimmer (Aggie & Percy) got the run of the new kitchen/dinning area after Marley went home last Saturday. And they joined the General Population on Tuesday... absolutely no integration problems. I suspect the GP got comfortable with them through the glass.

Kayla immediately took over the computer desk.

Does she look like she's at home or what? Do you think she remembers her days here as Aggie? Probably not, but I'm glad they relaxed in so easily.

As I mentioned, there was a lot of napping going on. Here's a blind shot during one nap with the cell. Trudy is a cuddler extraordinarie! The cuddle trust of the little ones always swells my heart.

Trudy really wants to cuddle with the big cats. As yet none, including Winnie (who does do some mothering), will snuggle down to sleep with them. She is eternally hopeful, however. Percy was relaxing on the table and Trudy jumped up. Pretty soon I could see she was moving closer and closer.

Here you can see her edging just a little closer (it was dim and I didn't want to miss this so sorry about dark pics). The two stayed like this for quite a little while.

That's construction material from the renovation behind them, by the way. The guys have really liked the old table I'm using as a credenza, while we're in progress, and absolutely hated it when the plywood went behind it, cutting off easy access to the staircase and their ability to cavort between the rails!

It's been the hottest week of the year, so far, here in B'more (leave it to me to pick a sweltering week for vacation). There's no central air so we've largely been taking it easy at the Casa. Hmmmm... maybe there's a benefit to living without all of the modern conveniences - it really has been a lazy summer week!


  1. I think they might remember more than we think they do. Kayla and Zimmer certainly seem comfortable at your place.

    Love how Trudy is trying to snuggle up to Zimmer. So cute! My Harley was never that subtle. He would just plonk himself down on Millie. She'd look slightly put off, then she'd realize that he's quite toasty, and let him stay.

    Trudy's growing so fast! : (

  2. Lovely post. I think that you had a perfect vacation! Love the photos of Trudy and Zimmer hehe... and I'm with Meg. I think kitties remember more than we all might think.

  3. We likes that snuggle picture with Trudy! And getting closer!

  4. Now THAT is my idea of the perfect vacation! It's lovely to hear that you were able to unplug completely and relax in good company.

  5. I love seeing the together pictures, they are always my favorites! Y'all try to keep cool!

  6. That looks like an amazing vacation. Jealous!



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