Thursday, May 27, 2010

Wow! It Must be a Full Moon... a Door Opens AND a Window Opens, Too!

You all have probably guessed correctly that Peggy Sue leaving is a bittersweet moment for me. Friday, at about 4:30 I'll be saying goodbye to the delicate lady I've come to love. A lot. Can't even remember if I'd put it on the blog but I had decided that if no one had claimed her come her year anniversary, she'd be mine. And then Elizabeth wrote. And the door opened for Peggy Sue to start a wonderful new chapter in her life.

And, just when I was starting to get weepy and, yeah, a little heart sick in spite of the joy, a sweet fresh breeze rolled through... like a window opening.

Sonia was trying to get a momma cat spayed - her dad's farm hand had found her - and needed to find a foster family for her 10 week old kitten. (Like you really had to ask, Sonia!!)

So last night I had no time to worry while I got things ready to receive the little guy. Sonia arrived at work today to hand him off and imagine my surprise when I saw this...
TWO babies! The window just opened all the way! My co-workers and I had the pleasure of meeting these two sweet tabbies. A brown little girl and her grey and white brother. Those of you who have been with us a while might recognize one of the accouterments with them. Yes, that is the same Tweety Bird snuggly that came with Aggie and her little boy. Lotsa use that little thing has gotten!

Things are off to a good start. On the way home, it was clear these little guys had no problems with traveling. Observe...

Yep, they were both sound asleep before we were half way home.

Unfortunately, I had a class tonight so, after getting them settled in my room with fresh food, water and litter, I had to abandon them. Pardon if I don't share more, but I can't wait to go up and get to know them better. And I've got some serious snuggling to do with Peggy Sue before I can do that!!

More tomorrow!!


  1. I so admire you folks for your work with the cats and kittens, but I don't know how you can bear the goodbyes ... it would be too much for me, especially as many times as you have had to, even if it's a good thing and a happy outcome, overall. I just marvel at your ability to put yourselves in that position. Thank you.

  2. Oh Chuck, thank you. In a way, I hope it never gets easier. If we didn't get emotionally involved and love these little guys, we'd miss the real joy of what we do.

    Helping to make our corner of the universe just a little bit better... launching these guys to loving homes is so satisfying and joy filled most of the time. Maybe I shouldn't talk about the pangs, but that's part and parcel of fostering for me.

    My first foster was "by accident" so I didn't know there would be pangs (even if I should have guessed). But as the furever parents reported back and we saw pics of our guys grown and happy... well, it was worth it. So very worth whatever fleeting tears it cost.

    I think you'd be surprised what you could do. For myself, I can't imagine how foster parents of children do it. I'm not sure I could let a foster child go after nurturing them for years... in that perspective what we do doesn't seem very hard.

  3. Awwww - I hope you have a wonderful last hours with the gorgeous Miss Peggy Sue! And you are so right to say that when a door shuts a window opens and in your case another door and window opens!

    I will always admire you foster carers for caring and giving these kitties and doggies a stable and loving home while they find their forever homes. But it must be heartbreaking when you invest so much emotionally and everything else to send them on. I know I could never do what you do and I am so glad that you fosterers exist to make a better world for these furry friends.

    These new kitties are so adorable! I love how they fell asleep while being transported - what sweeties! Good luck with them and big hugs to you and Miss Peggy Sue!

    Take care

  4. It's so great that you helped out Peggy Sue and now she will go to her forever home. So wonderful that those 2 adorable kittens will help fill the hole while you adjust to letting go of Peggy Sue. Our thoughts are with you.

  5. Aw, they are so adorable! I hope their mama is going to be ok too. I'll miss seeing Peggy Sue, I hope she's going to be very happy.

  6. Big hugs to Peggy Sue ~ Banjo and I wish her all the best! But her going to a new loving home makes room for these two new sweet babies! Oh my...and how cute that they fell asleep in such awkward positions. I can hardly wait to get to know these two sweeties a little better!

    Have a Happy Friday!
    xo Banjo & Catherine

  7. Well, when it rains... it pours kittens! :-)
    Goodbye Peggy Sue, and welcome new kitties. I look forward to catching up on everyone's progress when I return from my short vacation!

  8. Hooray for Peggy Sue - I know you'll miss her very much. But just thing of those two sweet little kittens! They are just adorable.

  9. Nothing like some new kittens to distract you from the bittersweet. Enjoy both the hellos and goodbyes.

  10. *hug* Saying goodbye is rough. Will you at least get to visit and have photos of Peggy Sue? I'm sure that one day What keeps me from keeping my fosters is that my apartment limits the cats I can have so if I keep a foster, I'd have to stop and I'm not ready for that yet. I think my boyfriend is afraid of the day I live in a place where my cats aren't limited to such a small number...

  11. Sending B~~I~~G Giant (((HUGS))) to Peggy Sue and wishing her the bestest future for her! Those two little dolls are just so sweet!!!

  12. We are so sad that you are having to let Peggy Sue go....even if she is going to a good home. We can tell how much you love her.

    What a blessing the two little darlings are.....and the fact that they appeared at this time. HE does seem to always provide!!!!!!!!


  13. Hugs and snuggles to Peggy Sue from us here in the Bay Area. Good bye sweetheart!

    Those two tabbies... be still my heart. Good thing I'm not out in Baltimore! That tabby boy with his pink nose... squeeeeee! The girl is adorable too, but it's the tabby boys that always get me.

  14. Peggy Sue, we're gonna miss you too but I know you are about to start the life you were meant to have. Hugs from all of us!

    The little ones are so adorable, and the timing was purrfect.

  15. Oh what timing! Glad you'll have the company when Peggy Sue is off to her new home. Not easy to say goodbye.

  16. I know you will miss her terribly, but you know her new mama and you know you are just a photo or petsitting session away! And oh those kittens...swoon. I don't want to think about how you got those pictures driving but they couldn't be better "time-lapsed." And I love that kennel! Best wishes to everybody! My word verification is "perred"

  17. Hugs to Peggy Sue as she goes to her forever home...and welcome to the kittens, who seem to be ready for adventures at your home.

    And, of course, hugs to you for having such an open, loving heart!

  18. What a lovely gift, to get these two to help fill some of the empty spaces that Peggy Sue leaves behind.

    You, and all people who foster, are wonderful.

  19. Oh happy tears Babe..Happy tears...

    This made my day.





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