Saturday, May 29, 2010

Bon Voyage, Pretty, Pretty Peggy Sue

Elizabeth came yesterday to whisk Peggy Sue away to her new home and new brother, Gatto. I am so happy our little girl found such a wonderful mom. Here's the last video of Peggy Sue at the Casa. Sorry I get a little choked up... but they're happy tears. Really! I couldn't have hand picked a better furever mom for her.
Enjoy your new home, my sweetie!! We love you!

The New Arrivals
The little twerps have been keeping me plenty busy. Here are a couple of shots and we have some video but, since videos take a while to upload, I'll post them tonight.

Yesterday, Judy said, "I don't want to think about how you got those pictures driving..." Well, I don't shoot and drive normally. But on this trip I was paying a lot of attention to my little passengers and totally forgot that bridge repairs closed off my normal route. So the detour took me through a local college campus. And there was a game on. Need I say more? It was more stop than start so that gave me plenty of safe intervals to get off shots with the cell phone. :-)

I must discipline myself. Tonight I have to figure out names for the little guys!! Until then...

Sad News for 50K
Gentle readers, please send your love Ted and Martha's way. 50K had the heartbreak of caring for an at-risk litter this past week. Despite their expert care, the litter slipped away, one by one, to the Bridge. Our thoughts and prayers are with them.

Alert for NC area readers:
I was just over at Love & Hisses... there's a sweet little lady in need of love, kindness and a special furever home. Please go visit Robyn and see if this sweetheart might be the gal for you. And let's leverage the intertubes for good... spread the word.


  1. I don't have sound on this computer, and I'm glad. I'd be crying with you I'm sure. Sending you a hug because I can't even imagine how torn you must feel.

    Peggy Sue -- have a great life, sweet girl. You were a great mom, and you deserve all good things.

  2. I AM crying! Oh, so bittersweet. I'm so happy she has a wonderful forever home, but so hard to say goodbye.

    The new babies are precious beyond words, though. :-)

  3. The new kittens are just as sweet as anything! So enjoyable! :)

    xo Catherine

  4. Awwww Miss Peggy Sue! She's lovely. Thank you for looking after her. She will never be forgotten!

    The newbies are just adorable!! Big, big, big awwwwww to them!

    Take care

  5. That is good for Peggy Sue! And those Newbies are sure cute!

  6. So bittersweet when they get forever homes, isn't it? The newbies are adorable

    We are sending purrs and prayers Martha and Ted's way ... can't even imagine what they are going through...

  7. Oh sweet sweet Peggy Sue...I'm so happy that she's found her very own forever home...she was such a great mama to those four little babies and now she can be a spoiled little princess and live a happy life (although I have to say, I was secretly rooting for you to keep her) ;-)

    The babies are adorable..

  8. Peggy Sue love you too and will miss you. But thanks to you she got her forever home and she will always be so loved. The little ones are cuties and I put the word out to bunches on Twitter for that poor little gal in Charlotte.

  9. Miss Peggy Sue, good luck in your new life my dear! We will all miss you, and I know your new mom will love you just as much as the old one does.

    The new little ones are sooo cute! We know you'll do a good job with them, as you always do. Here's wishing you all have lots of happy times ahead.

  10. So glad Peggy Sue found a nice home but we know you got attached to her and it wasn't easy to say good-bye.

  11. Oh...farewell, dear little Miss Maples. I know you will have a wonderful forever home! I hope your new Mom realizes that one of the conditions of a Space Paws adoption is that she must supply regular pics and updates? Yes? :-)

    But it looks like there are a couple of adorable new residents at Casa de Space Paws. They will not replace Peggy Sue, nor should they; each kitty makes his or her own special place in the heart of the human lucky enough to be entrusted with their care. Keep us posted!

  12. Aww! Itty bitty baby cats! :)

    (Kayla & Zimmer: "What you doing looking at photos of OTHER cats, lady?!?")

  13. I think those 'air biscuits' Peggy Sue is making say "The pleasure was all mine, Foster Mommy."

  14. I teared up a little myself. Saying goodbye is never easy.

    What a lucky girl to have found you.

  15. I teared up too. Good bye, Miss Peggy Sue! Keep in touch :)

    As for the newbies... so cute! I'm still a fan of "Copernicus" as a name for a boy :)

  16. Lots of happy sniffs going on at this end of the world.....

  17. Typing through tears.. Peggy Sue will always have a special place in my heart. What a treasure she is.



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